Lend a Modern Appeal to Bathroom with Designer Mats

Posted by homedrape on September 1st, 2015

The shower mats add to the value to absorb excess water after your showers. Keep your floors shiny to prevent them from further slipping and sliding. These pads give a thicker look than standard shower towels. The shower pads provide one with a good absorption and traction.

Range of bath mats:

With various different types of shower pads, get a look that matches the requirement of an individual.

4 ply cotton bath pad:

  • Available in cotton with a single pad and two-piece set
  • Durable for everyday use

Fashion bath pads:

  • 4 ply reversible pad, paper non woven         


Absorbency: capable to soak up a substance such as water

Bacteria: Created by various combinations of food, space, moisture, light, air and temperature. Bacteria can cause to be a minimum.

Tumble Dryable: Place tumble dry on a care label with the different safety measures put in.

Machine washable: The fabrics need to be hand washed, safely put in the washing machine

Polypropylene: tough, lightweight plastic

Care instructions:

Hang up your shower mats after use: Leave your shower pad on the floor with a damper. Horrible bacteria lead to nasty, moldy odors and general itching. Don’t leave the shower mats on the floor.

  • Fabric softeners reduce absorbency so rather avoid it.
  • The Bathmats must only be washed by hand in cold water. Check the label or shrink on the different colors could run.
  • Ironing reduces the absorbency. Don’t iron shower pads


How the yarn is actually made. The result comes up with diverse yarns with the unique properties.


It is the number of twists per inch of yarn. Lower the amount of twist fibers, more the refined feel of a basic combed cotton yarn. They add durable, substantial feeling that adds strength.

Combed cotton:

It is combed up for removing short, uneven fibers and debris that result in a lustrous cotton.

Ring spun cotton:

These are tightly twisted together to create a smoother, stronger and finer yarn. The method produces more refined feel than that of basic combed cotton yarn.


It defines the amount of yarn with more durable, dense, absorbent and substantial feeling towel.


Most of the shower towel collections are offered in a variety of sizes that fits the budget and personal preference. The very few of the short stacks up as well.

Bath towel:

  • Dries after a shower
  • Measures 27”* 52”

Bath sheet:

  • Ideal oversized towel for more coverage after a shower
  • Measures approx 35”*60”

Hand towel:

  • Dry hands after hand-washing
  • Measures approx 16”*30”

Wash cloth:

  • Used both in/ out to wash hands, face and body
  • Measures approx 13”*13”

Fingertip towel:

  • Smaller than hand towel, rectangular in shape
  • Measures approx 11”*18” is often used in guest rooms in place of hand towel.

Tub mat:

  • Give a handier, tightly woven and highly absorbent towel that prevents the floor from getting wet.
  • Measures approx 27”* 52”

Size guide:

  • The mats are made available in handy standard sizes to make the bathroom shopping a breeze.
  • The expected size of shower mats comes out to be 50* 80 cm and 60 * 90 cm

The bath mats online India from Homedrape brings all the youthfulness and cheerfulness to your home. When washed, they prevent from bleeding. They enhance the well being of the owners away from your rooms. Incorporate with varied arresting designs and patterns that give a soft and cushiony platform.

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