A Few Applications of Fiber Lasers

Posted by eliteinternet on May 5th, 2021

This article is about fiber lasers and their various applications. Lasers are used in many industries.  Fiber lasers are flexible, adaptable, and versatile pieces of machinery used for wide-ranging fiber laser application. Users have complete control over the beam intensity, duration, length, and heat output.

One-single fiber laser set-up can have many applications. Fiber lasers are great for any application. A few of them are covered below.

Laser Marking: Laser marking is the application where the material is marked with a laser beam. The process bears a close resemblance to the laser engraving process. A lot of fiber laser manufacturers offer this. Laser marking is left just on the surface.

Laser Cutting: This process is used powerfully and influentially to cut through any material. A lot of industries use a blade cutter conventionally to meet their cutting goals. However, the laser makes no contact with the materials, there are no costly cutting discs to replace, and no downtimes are reported for replacing the contact parts.

Laser Welding Processes: As with most other fiber laser processes, the clue lies just in the name. This special laser process is used for welding two materials with the right force. Materials that are bound together are generally metals, but they can be dissimilar metals also. They are useful in industrial sectors.

A high peak power system and nanosecond pulses can improve marking engraving. The additional power and better beam quality can provide cleaner cut edges and faster cutting speeds. There are other fiber lasers applications in the fields like telecommunications, medicines, spectroscopy, etc.

Laser Engraving: Laser engraving is the same as laser marking, with the only difference that the mark or engrave is much deeper. This type of marking is very useful for the jewelry industry.

Laser Ablation: Laser ablation bears a close resemblance with the laser engraving and laser marking processes, making the entire concept complete in all the senses. The basic purpose of the process is not to leave any mark or engrave. The aim here is to melt off the top surfaces of the material so that the below layers can be revealed.  There are other processes like laser drilling and laser cleaning used in the conventional laser set-ups. Hence, a fiber laser finds its use in almost all industries, including medicine, manufacturing, spectrometry, etc.  A laser can be used in part marking systems also.

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