Know why Face Masks are Important? Personalized Masks V/S Regular Masks

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With the onset of the COVID-19, the essential lifestyle of humans has changed a lot. With no signs of any promising proper vaccine, all that is left to do is take the basic precautions. One of the basic precautions in the time of this pandemic includes a face mask. This is where personalized face masks have a role to play. Besides wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, increasing immunity, and keeping proper hygiene is also very important.

The Need for Face Masks

Since COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus, one of the most common infections in the human body is through the nose and mouth. With proper masks, the entry of this harmful virus inside the body can be significantly stopped. Even if a healthy person comes in contact with an infected person, the chances of infection are meagre, provided that both of them have been wearing the masks properly.

Types of Face Masks

As stated above, wearing a mask is one of the essential preventive measures that one can take to stay healthy. With time, many different types of masks have come up in the market. While there are some expensive masks like the N95 or N99, which provide excellent protection against all suspended particles, there are other varieties.

Most people are in favour of using the inexpensive masks that are readily available. For some people, surgical masks are the alternatives, which provide a good protection level. For the majority, however, DIY cloth masks are the leading choice. This is because of their inexpensive nature and easy availability. These cloth face ma

sks also provide a basic level of protection against the virus.

Personalized Masks

Since most people are using DIY cloth masks, the variation of the cloth masks has increased over time. With a basic level of protection, people are using cloth masks whenever they go out.

As both nose and mouth need to be enclosed within the mask, the identity of everyone outside is almost undisclosed. As a result, many people have faced monotonicity by wearing the same type of simple masks repeatedly. With millions of people wearing the same kind of masks everywhere, the personalized face masks provided a freshness in the variety.

Advantages of Personalized Masks

Since the personalized masks are entirely different from regular cloth masks, many people have found them appealing. Simultaneously, the personalized masks are equally protective when it comes to blocking suspended particles and pathogens. As the name suggests, the personalized masks can be personalized by all means possible. For example, one can print any picture on their personalized mask.

Like t-shirts available in different varieties of colours, patterns, and illustrations, the personalized masks are equally vibrant with options. Stylish personalized masks are also available, which may carry the brand or logo of the user’s favourite superhero, anime character, or sports team.

Wrapping Up!

Many corporate companies have also issued personalized masks embedded with their logo to all of their employees. This way, parity has been maintained. With these personalized masks, the protection, attractiveness, creativity, and uniqueness can all be maintained.

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