Bvlgari B.Zero 1 Series Replica Lit Romantic Tanabata

Posted by Sally on September 1st, 2015

Chinese Tanabata has passed, but the wave of love still will not retreat, Bulgari’s special selection B.Zero 1 rose gold series with warm reddish color and pure sparkling diamonds shine boldly deliver love feelings.
Since 1999 Bulgari formal launched B.Zero1 series, its extraordinary design has won worldwide attention, become brand one of the most iconic design. B.Zero1 Ring Replica uses bold industrial design style, and bold fusion “BVLGARI” and “Tubogas” these two Peugeot elements of Bvlgari. with its spell able and concise design language interpretation of bvlgari’s classic elegance. Fake Bvlgari 1 Necklace unique spiral represents blend the past, present and future.
In fact, Replica B.zero1 Earrings is represent the infinite loop between “0” and “1”, also it represents the idea of having a fresh start.

The side of the ring is engraved with the BVLGARI BVLGARI logo, end to end as if the faithful love, at the time of reincarnation and the life experience lasting Meaningful.

Bulgari B.ZERO1 Pendant in 18kt White Gold with ChainBulgari Bvlgari Necklace with Oval Pendant in 18kt Pink Gold

In Tanabata this Chinese traditional most romantic holiday, there is nothing more meaningful than for give her whom is special in your mind a unique and enduring love commitment. Did you ever imagined that when the night the hustle and bustle of the city fade away, you put a mysterious gift in front of her, the world’s only you and her. She open the box, there are a Replica B.Zero1 series rose gold rings and a necklaces, and inlaid shine diamonds. Warm moving welled up in her heart in that moment, you looked at each other in silence, but more firmly to believe that each other is their own only.
Wow, How a romantic night, so let bracciale bulgari replica accompany you to spend a wonderful moment.

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