Brooklyn: The World Within A City

Posted by Harsh Singh on May 8th, 2021

"Grew up in a town that is famous as a place of movie scenes

Noise is always loud, there are sirens all around, and the streets are mean."

Starting from a source that inspires an individual to charge ahead to get their dream to a place where culture thrives, this hotchpotch of ethnicity is best defined by its people and the place’s cultural heritage.

The individuals living in Brooklyn symbolize its spirits, grit and courage. The aesthetically enhanced places with historical importance also showcase the diversity in their truest form.

The pure and rawness of individuality that brings about the mixture of differences, similarities, idiosyncratic ideologies, and way of living can be best described by how the city is represented through its place and walls.

Brooklyn has been hailed as the borough of the churches or the borough of the buildings, or in Jay-Z's words, the "concrete jungle where dreams are made of'', if you have any inclination towards the representation of arts with biblical connotations, you will understand the significance of this name behind the unique architectural phenomenon. Let's discuss a few cultural aspects of Brooklyn that make it " Brooklyn".

The Potpourri Of Culture:

Brooklyn is a place where the hotchpotch of humanity hailing from a different country, of a different race, is seen. This part of the Brooklyn reality that can be seen at every turn of the street showcases the livelihood beyond the Harlem Renaissance.

Through their lineage, the people’s individuality was highlighted through food, games, dialects and linguistic reflexivity.

According to Brooklyn Entertainment News, the modernized version of the handball, which has been the cultural significance of Brooklyn since 1950, shows how this game is still close to the heart of its people, how it is still the game of the courageous, and how emotions are attached with it.

Handball bears the heart and soul of the city as losing one game meant losing personal affront where people from a different community, from Italian to Yiddish, polish to Russian, Spanish to English, came together to celebrate the multicultural experience that kept the harmony of the society alive.

The Borough Is The World Itself:

Those who live once in Brooklyn would never want to taste the water of any other place. Why? Because everything is found within reach of their hand. Within a 10-block radius of one's homes, one would be able to spot anything they want.

From an Italian store to a Chinese and Indian restaurant, from a high-end place that serves sushi to the rustic and down to earth Thai restaurants, everything is available here.

However, the best thing is not the availability of the cultural representation of the resources but the fact that these resources rarely change. Bypassing the test of time, it has become a part of the city, as it had always been here since Brooklyn was first originated.


If you tune in to the Brooklyn Culture News, you will find how lively the neighbourhood is. With graffiti bearing people’s ideologies to the glitz and glamour of the city, it has much more to offer.

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