Tips for Choosing a Durable and Quality Vinyl Floor

Posted by LouisWillis on May 8th, 2021


Vinyl flooring is a material that can support the interior appearance of a room. This type of floor will make the floor of your house more attractive, because the types and motifs of vinyl floors are very diverse with different patterns and colors.

Vinyl flooring has several interesting motifs that you can adjust to the design of your room, such as wood, marble, natural stone, solid motifs, etc. with different sizes and qualities. This type of floor is also easy to find in building shops at an affordable price, therefore many are interested in using this one material. In addition, the easy installation of vinyl flooring is also one of the factors that many use it.

Well, before you decide to buy vinyl flooring, it's a good idea to first learn the tips and how to choose a vinyl floor that is durable and of quality so that it can help you not to make the wrong choice.

Tips for Choosing Vinyl Flooring

1. Determine the type of vinyl flooring you want

The first thing you have to do is decide what kind of vinyl flooring you want. Usually this is adjusted to the design of the room you want to install the vinyl floor on. The types of vinyl floor surfaces also vary, some have a texture surface, and some have a flat surface.

The type you will choose also depends on the location of the room itself, whether it is in the bedroom, kitchen or in another room. Because it will determine what type of vinyl floor should be used.

2. Look for vinyl that has good durability

You need to pay attention, a good and quality vinyl floor must have high resistance to water, fire, resistant to scratches and also hard impacts. Quality vinyl flooring is usually given a layer in the processing process so that it is not able to absorb fire.

If the desire to not depend on the globe's woodlands for building needs is well-intentioned, the advantages of hardwood flooring Houston still exceed various other products on the market place when taking a look at the environmental influence and also functionality.

The surface of this floor will remain smooth after burning and is easy to clean without leaving marks, because a good vinyl floor is one whose surface will not be hot or even burnt when burned / exposed to fire. In addition, good vinyl will also be resistant to scratches by sharp objects, such as chair / table legs, heels, etc. The surface of the vinyl floor will not leave excessive marks even though it has been scratched by such sharp objects.

3. Choose vinyl that is not easily broken / broken

The quality and durability level of vinyl floors, of course, are largely determined by the level of strength the vinyl has. If after being folded and pressed hard against the grooves, the surface is fine and does not break or peel off, then the vinyl has good quality.


4. Routine maintenance

If you want vinyl flooring that remains durable even though it has been used for a long time, make sure you maintain it regularly to the maximum. Vinyl floor maintenance is quite easy and practical. You only need to wipe it with a regular broom or use a vacuum cleaner and mop it with a damp cloth regularly to clean it.

If there are scratches that make it look dull, you can clean it by mixing warm water and a little dishwashing soap. After that, sand the scratched part in a circular motion slowly.

5. Make sure to choose a high quality brand

The last and most important tip is to choose a vinyl flooring brand that has been tested for quality. Currently there are many vinyl flooring products on the market from various brands, types, and also thickness levels. Well, one of the good vinyl flooring brands that you shouldn't miss is Alvera vinyl flooring. What are the benefits of using this brand?

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