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Posted by mustak on May 8th, 2021

Welcome To:- Buddin.net

App for Teaching, Renting & Gig Jobs

Buddin provides a comprehensive platform for its users to monetize either their skills or assets. The user can post both as seeker of services, as well as provider. Search the provider or seeker, chat with them in real time.



“BUDDIN” provides a free platform that opens ways for people looking for a gig job or service (seeker) to meet anyone who can provide it (provider) in real-time, offering multiple options to increase their secondary income. Our platform has 8 sections over which anyone can choose multiple jobs/services both as a provider and seeker at the same time.

Our Mission: Our mission is to make everyone financially self-reliable using either their skills or resources.

Our Vision: Our vision is to build an ecosystem where finding or providing gig jobs or services is hassle-free.

Why Buddin?


Our platform is totally free for users with firewall for security and Our app works on real time basis.


Within two steps, user can create an account. Easy to post with two clicks make it faster and more convenient.


Our app enable both seeker and provider to post and connect with each other.


Buddin have user friendly features. 8 sections of Buddin will give a fair chance to every individual

to act as provider of any service as well as seeker and vice-versa.


Unlimited opportunities for educators and learners. Anyone who want to teach or learn, just posting on Budddin.

Service Provider

All The service providers can post the services they provide without paying a penny and can chat directly with seekers


You can rent your parking space on your conditions at Buddin in very simple steps just post and earn.

buddin app preview

Skill & Professionals

All the skilled workforce & working professionals can provide and seek services under this section

Car / Bike Renting

Anyone who wishes to either rent their bikes, cars or any automobile needs to just post at Buddin.


If you are travelling from one city to another, you can post at Buddin, & can become a provider of service as per your convenience.

Buddin is trying to create a comprehensive P2P platform for seekers & Providers from versatile spheres of ever growing economy. “Buddin” aims to bring blue collars, white collars workforce under 1 umbrella of opportunities. The idea is to monetize the skills or assets that a provider possesses by connecting them to the seeker that needs them in real-time on a single platform. The platform is such that both seeker and provider can post as many services they want to, that too at no cost. Seeker and provider will just be two clicks away from each other reach.

Visit For More Information:- https://buddin.net/

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