How to Prevent Runescape Account from Getting Removed by Hackers

Posted by gracedashen on September 2nd, 2015

Recently, many hack issues take place, which scared players. Therefore, most players put forward the "Hacked through authenticator" and "Authenticator Disabled" issue, and ask for help to avoid such an issue. Now, RS3gold offers some critical information to remind you to avoid this issue and ensure your runescape gold won't be stolen by hack.RS3goldis aiming at providing best service for players, so we also provide news and tips about some updates in game and hope that can help players to enjoy the game better.

How game accounts get removed by trick of hackers?

A lot of players don't know a significant questions which if you reset your runescape password while having authenticator enabled it will get removed. When hear lots of hack issues, some players are scared to make them change their password. Exactly what the hackers wanted, when you're keylogged and you change your password by panic, at that time your account password has been leaked. Maybe you don't check if your auth is still enabled. However, they simple look your password and log in. Perhaps you even don't know heck invading.

There is no magic hacker who has access to RuneScape database. It's a simple mind trick hackers do, they find you in game, say some creepy info such as your current password or any information to make you change your password out of fear and they simply wait for you to log in with the new one and have free access to your account since auth has been disabled by the password reset.

Don't download random files and Do regular computer scans

Don't download random files, and believe me there are certain keyloggers/viruses that cannot be found by your anti-virus, also go by "FUD"(Fully undetectable). Only way to possible get rid of one is by having a hard reset, backup your files and do a factory reset.

You should keep in mind that hackers aren't going to hack you immediately when you download the virus, they patiently wait until you build a decent bank and strike whenever they want. Some players' rs 3 gold is stolen like that. Do regular computer scans, weekly or even daily if you got a spare time.

In conclusion, you should believe there is no magic hacker who can assess to runescape datebase. Therefore, you can't be tricked by hackers to change your password. What's more, you don't download random files and scan your computer regularly. Only in this way, you can protect your game account and enjoy the game with cheap runescape 3 gold or07 rs gold for sale on RS3gold.

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