How to Show Off Your Style When in the Boardroom

Posted by Jake Riviera on May 9th, 2021

Depending on what field you’re in, business meetings can be a challenging place to show off your personal style. It can be difficult to balance the professional expectations of your career field with looking and feeling like you. This is a shame, because people are more likely to perform better and think more creatively if they are comfortable. How can you use small touches to feel more like you, even when stuck in business attire? 

Add Some Style to Your Hair

Hairstyle is a great place to start when thinking about adding style in the boardroom. It’s easy to make a change to cut or color that will help you feel more like you and leave you confident. Spend some time looking at hair styles you like before visiting the salon. Many sites even let you try on different hairstyles visually. 

Just be sure whatever style you’re picking is right for your hair. If you have thin and fine hair, a cute cut isn’t going to look as full on you as it does on the model. Also consider how much time you’ll want to spend styling it to achieve the look you’re going for. If your hair is naturally wavy, do you really want to battle the curl out every day? 

If you’re thinking of changing up your color, work with a stylist to do it slowly. Color can add a lot of style and brighten up your face if it’s done correctly. You don’t want to damage or over process your hair though. Oftentimes the color you want isn’t going to be possible on the first try because of your base color and undertones. You’ll really have to work with your stylist over time to get the desired effect, but it can be worth the time commitment to get the perfect hue. 

Make Small Changes to Simple Accessories

If you’re looking for something a little less drastic than a change to your hair, try changing up simple accessories, like your watch strap. A watch, especially smart watches, are such versatile and high functioning tools. That doesn’t mean you have to think of your watch as just functional though. Changing the band can make it feel like you’ve got a brand new watch. Even consider purchasing multiple bands to go with different outfits. 

Jewelry in general is so easy to change out or add in to keep your look fresh and stylish. Change up your usual necklace with something longer or with multiple strands. Try a pair of statement earrings that accent your business attire. Even wear a ring or two. Making changes like these will help you feel stylish but not in an overdone way.

Get a Makeover

In the same line of thinking, making subtle changes to your makeup can also achieve a stylish effect without being too much for a business meeting. Try a new eyeshadow or bronzer and see if you like the effect. Even consider getting your nails done to add a pop of color to your outfit. Lipstick can be a great statement as well, or if you’re looking for something more subtle, try a lip tint. 

If you don’t have time for makeup every morning, but like the idea of adding some style to your face care routine, try something slightly more permanent. Eyelash extensions are safe, easy to care for and won’t damage your natural lashes if done correctly. They’ll really make your eyes pop and you won’t need to spend time putting makeup on every morning. 

Instead, every morning you’ll wake up with perfectly done lashes without having to work for them. Upkeep does require a couple visits to the salon each month. Just make sure you pick a reputable salon and a technician that you feel comfortable with, and don’t overdo it. Start slow and see how you like your new look. 

There are so many options to accessorize and brighten up your next business meeting. Add some style to your board room, and do it in a subtle and classy way. 

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