Highly paid part-time job for students

Posted by loislouise87 on September 2nd, 2015

Today's students are more clever than I was.Here are some of the highest paid part time jobs for students , which can make adult jealousy.

Tuition teacher

Tens of thousands of students in university and polytechnic in Singapore to become teachers of students to earn extra cash fees and reduce the food chain.Once you have a normal level certificate, you almost are considered to be a qualified teacher.Admittedly, see a 16-year-old as a 17-year-old "teacher" would be a little strange.But it’s ok if you have the ability.And O level graduates should be able to get at least / hour to teach younger children.College students can get anything from to for teaching O level and a level of students.

Insurance agent

It doesn't matter. At your age you don't know why someone would need insurance in the first place.College students can be at least 21 to join insurance team affiliated with some of the biggest insurance company .Several exams to pass and get licensed, but afterwards you are very much on your own.Work itself is not rocket science - your main task is to persuade people to date with you by telephone sales, close to them in the street or your network, and then convince them to sign up for insurance.Often a good insurance agent can make thousands of dollars a month. Still have time to go to school.

Real estate agent

While Singapore people always complain about how unaffordable property, for some reason, many real estate agents seem to do well.Real estate agent in Singapore to do a real killing during the boom, and there is no reason to at least 21 years old students can't do.Aspiring broker must pass the exam, and then applying for a licence to the committee of the real estate agent, sells for about 00.You need to invest to make money, although there are many agents have their own cars, so that they can carry customers from one place to another place, and a lot of money spends on advertisements in the newspaper.

The average monthly income of many full-time in Singapore real estate agent about 5 at the beginning.When you can't get any of the first few months is a bit steep learning curve than other sales work, just closing your first deal will earn you some serious cash.You can sell 00 in a HDB flat.

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