An Overview of Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Posted by Aaeesha on September 2nd, 2015

The legal world saw a new legal term with the introduction of the Wrongful Death Lawsuit. It is very important for the common man to know about this claim in detail, so they can use it at the right point of time. First, let’s first understand what this claim is all about and how a wrongful death lawsuit lawyer can help you get the deserved justice.

In simple terms, wrongful death describes the death of a person because of a legal mistake done by another person. A death that occurs due to an accident because of a manufacturing problem can be termed as wrongful death. Here, the cause of death is attributed to the malfunction of the product/appliance when the manufacturer has not followed certain safety rules during the production process. In case a person dies in a car accident because the safety belt was not manufactured correctly, then the relatives of the deceased can approach a wrongful death lawsuit attorney.

There are lots of similar occasions in which the relatives of the deceased persons can go to law to claim justice for the wrongful death. Death occurring due to medical malpractice, product liability or supply of expired products can also be classified as wrongful deaths. You can also consult a wrongful death lawsuit lawyer if a person has died because of negligence of carers, companies or governmental agencies.

So, what is the procedure for suing for wrongful death? First, a representative of the deceased should file a claim for wrongful death. The deceased’s heir or executor of estate will only be able to file the claim. Immediate family members, spouse, children, financial dependents and parents can take the help of wrongful death lawsuit lawyer to file the claim. In some cases distant relatives involved in raising the person or others who will have financial problems because of the wrongful death can also file the claim.

The wrongful death lawsuit attorney can file the case against governmental agencies, employers/employees, companies, or even individuals. The rash driver can be at fault if the accident occurred due to his/her mistake. If the death occurred due to a problem on the roadway, then the builder/designer is at fault. In case death occurs due to drunken driving, people who sold and served alcohol and even the owner of the premises can be brought under the law’s scanner. The wrongful death lawsuit can be of great help for the relatives of the deceased. 

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