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Posted by ricky26 on September 3rd, 2015

Have you ever tried selling your used phone? Whether you want to sell your phone online or to some registered dealers, all require you to mention your IMEI number. International Mobile Equipment Identity number is typically abbreviated as IMEI number, and this 15 digit unique number is assigned to every mobile phone that is available for sale on online channels and through dealers. This serial number is usually present on the sticker behind the device’s battery or on the box of the device. Some software may also let you know the same on the about screen. In those cases, when someone loses their phone, or when the phone gets stolen, then this IMEI number is the key factor that can stop the misuse of your phone. Cops ask you this number and depending upon the local laws, the phone access can be blocked by blacklisting the IMEI.

With ever-evolving technologies, people switch their phones pretty frequently and grab the latest ones. Also, they tend to sell their previous phones so as to get some money out of those used devices. If you are amongst those people who want to buy these used phones, then before buying, there exists a crucial need to get the IMEI number checked always. Nowadays, to check whether or not an IMEI number is blacklisted, you can route to the websites with free IMEI checker that can help you out. Not just IMEI number, these web sources are apt for getting the ESN (Electronic Serial Number) checked as well. This is assigned to CDMA phones. Check ESN to make sure that the ESN is clean and can be activated by a proper provider.

Thus, it is highly advisable that before buying a used phone, whether GSM or CDMA, you should check the IMEI/ESN to ensure about the reliability of the source and product and keep yourself away from frauds. There are several websites that serve the purpose by providing online tools like ESN checker, with the help of which you can purchase any used device with full assurance and peace of mind. One such leading website is, where you can check ESN, MEID, or IMEI numbers by selecting the provider that you wish to check against. To know more, visit

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