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 Integrated rinser - filler - capper , rotary , fully automatic



 Filling size capability from 200 to 2000 ml

 Infeed air conveyor for feeding empty bottles

 Automatic cap elevator cum orientator for feeding closures

 SS304 , non magnetic , torque adjustable capping heads

 Online inspection lamp box for filled bottles

 Rinse water and product water delivery pumps included , along with internal piping

 SS304 cladded machine platform and rotor housings

 All contact parts are made from SS304

 Fully automatic operation on monoblock , untouched by the human hand

 UV lamp sterilisation on cap chute

 Online cap washing option available

 SS304 cabinet , electrical control panel with all safety features

 Online shrink tunnel option available

Liquid Filling Technologies for Water Bottles

Xinmao Drink Machinery offers large collection of liquid filling machines with various filling technologies. These filling technologies are applicable to fill for liquid various viscosities. Since water has a very low viscosity, you should choose the right machinery for your water bottle filling line. The following filling machines are recommended for water bottles:

Mechanical gravity filter

For low viscosity liquid such as water, juice and wine, gravity filling machines are one of the best options for your production line.

Flow meter filter

Flow meter filling machines are best for liquids like water, juice, CSD and wine. This filter can be used for juice filling machine or wine filling machine.

Vacuum filter

Vacuum filling machines are an option for low and medium viscosity liquids such as water, juice, wine and condimen.

Weighing filter

Weight filling machines are suitable for large container filling applications. These filters are one of options for water or juice bottle filling line.

Benefits of Automatic Liquid Filling Machinery for Water Bottles

Xinmao Drink Machinery offers a wide range of machinery solutions capable of filling for low-viscosity liquids such as water with the bottle shape like PET circular or square. The following are the benefits of installation of a liquid filling machine in your assembly line.

Higher Productivity

Higher Productivity is an important goall of beverage companies. The machine has adjustable speed limits to increase and decrease the speed as and when required. The production can be regulated as per demand forces in the market, leading to higher productivity.

Cost-effective and time-saving

Purchasing water filling machines is a high investment, but it is the best strategy to reduce labor and time costs. The companies can focus on more fruitful sources of the business without time waste.

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As a professionable manufacturer and supplier, Xinmao Drink Machinery specializes in the packaging industry and offer a wide selection of automatic water filling machines at reasonable price. Our products have several features like a PLC system, touchscreen interface and several containers of different shapes and sizes. You’ll find 3-in-1 washing filling capping machine as well as bottle labeling machine for your complete water bottle packaging line here.

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