Lawsuits are Gaining Traction Against Low T Treatment

Posted by Lawsuit Information on September 4th, 2015

Most of the testosterone treatments on the market today are very new and they were released without proper testing. In some cases, the side effects have been found to be worse than the problems they seek to diminish. Testosterone treatment was supposed to be for men that had low testosterone (a rare condition called hypogonadism) but they have been prescribed for men that have sexual dysfunction. Many men are using it that don’t have low testosterone and think it will improve their sex life. In many cases, the treatments are not working at all for sexual dysfunction and people are up in arms about it. Moreover, testosterone treatment has not helped ejaculatory dysfunction at all.

There are many types of low T treatments that include pills, gels, injections and patches. These treatments are approved for low T which isn’t the same as sexual dysfunction. The treatments have been marketed to help with sexual dysfunction and prescribed ‘off label’ for this use. Testosterone has also been used off label to decrease aging in men but it’s caused many serious problems for men instead of decreasing aging, it’s caused emotional swings, no increase in sex drive, and no improvement in erectile dysfunction.

The problems men have been experiencing with testosterone therapy have been very severe. Most of the side effects have been stroke and heart attack when men used as an antiaging treatment. The FDA strongly warns against this testosterone treatment as it can increase the risk of heart problems in men with preexisting conditions.

The percentage of men with Low T is only about 2% of the population and now so many men are taking it that don’t need it because testosterone treatment companies realized they could market it to men to improve sexual function and make money off of it but it was not approved for men without low T and it’s very dangerous to them.

If you took a testosterone product for low T you may be eligible to join a class action lawsuit. There have now been studies done that show that there have been no improvements in sexual function from low testosterone treatments. Some of the indicators in these studies included the orgasmic function, ejaculate volume, the frequency and duration of sexual activity or the enjoyment rating. In the scientific study done, there was no results that showed the treatment helped these indicators.

Some of the companies which are receiving allegations include Pfizer, Abbvie and Auxillium Pharmaceuticals. One of the most popular testosterone treatments, called Androgel, has already been the subject of over 1000 lawsuits. Because these products have proved to be life threatening, many more lawsuits are expected to be filed. The androgel lawsuits are still underway and the coming year will be a turning point for testosterone treatment companies. Be sure to inform your loved ones about this safety risk and if you or someone you know took this treatment and had negative side effects, you may want to contact a lawyer.

The testosterone companies are getting sued because they aren’t warning people of the risk of stroke and heart attack, pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis. All the applications are dangerous, particularly the gels and injections. The products are also dangerous to women and children.

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