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Posted by Sally on September 4th, 2015

Ruth and Jason met in a jewelry store, Ruth is a waiter of this jewelry store, That day Jason came to the store to buy tiffany heart necklace replica, Because after five days is his mother’s birthday.

The first time Jason saw Ruth, was attracted by her charming smile, and asked for her phone number, often dated her. Gradually the two people come together.

Ruth is a poor girl, because she looks sweet, so she came to jewelry store to work, look at the all kinds of jewelry, Ruth likes it very much, but she can’t afford one. Ruth’s wish is that one day he can wear a tiffany ring replica on the wedding hall.


They got along for a long time, Jason identified Ruth as the indispensable person in his life. So he decided to marry Ruth at the day that the first anniversary of they met.

Jason came to the jewelry store, ask Ruth colleagues to find out her favorite replica tiffany engagement rings, then bought it. Thought happy life will fall to the two people, but unfortunate thing happened, as Jason went out of the jewelry store, Jason was hit by a speeding car. He lost a lot of blood, and then was taken to hospital, finally Jason lost his legs. Jason originally want to marry Ruth, but he is now a disabled person, for fear he can’t not give Ruth a happiness life, So he didn’t told Ruth the thing about buying the ring. He hopes Ruth can leave him, to find her own happiness, don’t waste her life on him.

But Ruth loved Jason, refused to leave him no matter how Jason persuade. Over the past year, Ruth took good care of Jason, feed him and bathe him, Jason was very moved.Finally, Jason took out the fake tiffany silver rings, and proposed marriage to Ruth. Ruth was sad and happy, if it weren’t for this ring, Jason wouldn’t lost his legs.

Maybe this is fate. In fact, Jason do not care, for Ruth, it does not matter even loss of life. Regardless Jason lost his hands, Ruth is also willing to accompany Jason. This is True Love, the love story about a tiffany ring replica.

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