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Posted by Sally on September 4th, 2015

Jewelry has been called a fashion ornament, it’s simple and rustic, connotation passionate, ancient art heritage, truly demonstrates the connotation of Replica Hermes jewelry.
With the improvement of people’s living standards, aesthetic level and consumption levels increase, people jewelry demand more and more.
The overall style of the world’s diamond design can be summarized as a natural style, simple style and classic style of these three styles.


Natural style: Natural style design content closely echoed in the theme of nature, based on the theme of nature style design. Nature is rich luster perfect lines in the world, the performance of the basic Replica Van Cleef and Arpels necklace jewelry design, clean lines, through proportioned shape, passing quiet, peaceful, pure feeling, expression and harmonious spiritual beauty.

This style is the theme of the whole dynamic vitality; designers with full of vitality, vibrant sunflowers, interesting shells, leaves, beautiful, wonderful, etc. zebra design elements of nature as a source of inspiration to passionate, one breath of fresh pristine nature as important jewelry design style.

Vitality natural style jewelry contains mainly from people’s minds that of a native complex perception of nature and ecological awareness, people feel a kind of self-conscious life and vitality, thus stimulating awareness of the potential of people cherish life and to the people comfort and security . This pursuit are fresh and simple, focus on nature and explore the natural personality style, jewelry design has become a modern trend.

Concise style: the overall style of this theme in favor of simple and smooth lines, simple concise overall structure.
In the most of simple lines to construct the perfect jewelry, streamlined appearance radiate or geometric, visual sense is very subtle and restrained, simple and crisp. Classic Style: The overall style of this theme in favor of some ancient totem, decorations, badges, etc., to traditional artistic heritage of ancient culture to construct.

The biggest feature of this style of replica Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry is the emphasis on jewelry colors, elaborate designs and contours, structure complex sophisticated, gorgeous colors.
Three kinds of jewelry design more interpretation of the people’s love for life and the pursuit.

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