Things to Consider Before Buying Levitation Display

Posted by Virtual On on September 4th, 2015

Product launches and industrial expos have allowed product displays to evolve into a fine art. The competition amongst businesses and the race to positively influence the customer with a ‘wow’ factor and for a longer period of time has resulted in an increased integration of technology with product displays over the last decade.

One such technology, levitation display, has not only brought science fiction to life, but also generated significant customer interest and positive media coverage. The sight of a product hovering in mid-air is not something one forgets any time soon. The sense of curiosity it invokes in turn spreads product awareness and generates sales leads. These tools have enabled companies to leverage their product displays like never before. They have sought out companies which have over the years built an incredible portfolio of display products including transparent LCD displays, holograms and levitation displays, to market their offerings.

These displays are a perfect choice for businesses to showcase their products. The levitation displays can be bought outright for longer period use or rented for shorter period for a single trade expo or product launch. Businesses planning to invest or rent levitation displays should consider a few pointers to help them make the correct choice.

Quality of Product Offered

When selecting a levitation display set, businesses should first check the quality of the product offered. They should try to get information on the technical specification and operating mechanism. This will give them an idea on which one to buy or rent based on their requirements. They should also check if the overall look corresponds with recent trends.

Budgetary Allocation

Companies that participate in exhibitions frequently may find it more cost effective to invest in a levitation display system. However, those who need it for rare occasions should look for rent or lease options offered by some companies.

Understand the Model and Size of the Display

Levitation displays are available in optical base or standard base and in varying sizes. The optical base is very slim and can be hidden from view easily, though the covering material will still need a hole. The standard display has a thicker base and is more cost effective and can support larger weights.

Product Size and Weight

Most commercially available levitation displays cannot support large and heavy objects. 22 lbs (about 10 kg) is the upper limit for most devices. As such businesses should be clear about their requirements. For instance, if they plan to display an engine, it would be better to look for alternative ideas. A replica made with lightweight materials or a miniature would be fine but levitating the actual product is impractical in this case.

Technical Support and Service

It is always a better option to select companies that offer to set up the levitation display on site. This will save time and cost and also eliminate any potential technical problems.

Creative Use of Technology

The intention of using levitation display is to highlight the product to the customer in best possible manner. The focus of the display is to draw attention, captivate and pull people towards the product and engage the customer in a dialogue. It is all about hard selling a product to a global audience by standing out in the crowd. With exhibitions one looks to entice present and potential customers by stirring their imagination. This can only happen by a creative display of the product.

Trust Branded Suppliers

When it comes to buying or renting levitation displays, hiring professional firms is always a safer bet. The company is known to offer cost efficient, bespoke solutions for all display requirements. With their innovative and futuristic display solutions, they have become a leading name in the product display market.

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