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Posted by Nadiatraininginstitute on September 4th, 2015

With the gradual increase of demand for supplementary skills in the workplace, it is now essential to develop soft skills along with technical and theoretical prowess. Soft skills enhance your employ ability and significantly boost you career advancement prospects as well. The expertise and proficiency of your job skills enhanced with soft skills allows you to display your competence on your resume and on the job. Professional soft skills training and guidance from a coach with expertise can get you to your desired goals.

Before signing up for a soft skills training course, you need to research about the different kinds of courses available and which ones suit your line of work. Not every soft skills programme is created equal, and you can request a session with a professional coach to discuss the areas that you need to work on. The best course to hone your latent soft skills can only be recognised with proper counselling.

Why is it important to join a soft skill training course in Dubai?

Every applicant for a specific job will have similar qualifications and technical and theoretical knowledge. More often than not, they will have comparable experience as well. Soft skills training will make your resume stand out and you will get noticed. A job seeker certified and trained in soft skills can face the hiring process with confidence. For the employer, such a candidate is a valuable asset to their organisation.

Reputed soft skill training institutes in Dubai will guide you in nurturing and honing you abilities and achieve success. A certified soft skills course is more than just a resume enhancer – it can do wonders for our confidence and morale too. You will be able to present and sell your skills with lucidity and negotiate your contract with conviction.

Can corporate offices arrange such training programmes for their employees?

The best corporations and firms realise the importance of training and guiding their employees and a large variety of courses are available to meet this requirement. Such training programmes improve morale and enhance team building, and are particularly helpful in a multicultural work environment. Soft skills training can train employees in time management, business etiquette, stress management, enhance creativity, sales pitches and negotiation, customer service and more. Appropriate soft skills training can hone and develop your future leaders, allow employees to create and give impactful presentations, management practices, enhance problem solving skills, and increase the productivity of a team.

What are the most searched and attended soft skill courses in Dubai?

Both corporate and individuals realise the importance of soft skills training in improving productivity and business and individual growth. These programmes and courses cover a wide variety of areas such as personality development, management skills, customer care, presentation skills, etc. Among call centres and their employees, the popular courses are those that are the most helpful – accent neutralisation and phone etiquette. Other industries and corporate can gain from other programmes like business and email etiquette, coaching and mentoring skills, etc.

Some of the most common courses across all industries include communication training and negotiation skills

Communication is about more than being able to speak grammatically correct sentences. It is a channel to share ideas, understand requirements, conduct meetings, make sales presentations, listen and respond effectively, structure and present information. The best courses also cover body language, expressions, and self confidence.

Negotiation skills are much more commonly used than we give them credit for. It is vital for both organisations and individuals. Attendees are trained about the types of negotiations, understanding needs, the style, reading other people, understanding what can and cannot be given up, decision making and closing.

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