Smoking Aces - Poker's Dramatic Rise in Asia

Posted by Digital_Zone on May 10th, 2021

10 years back, Poker in Asia was a practically unknown commodity and you couldn't select a poker player from a crowd. Today, you'd be hard-pressed to get a person who doesn't play the overall game, or at minimum, doesn't know how it works.

While it was popular across America -- specifically in California -- and some areas of Europe, poker remained in the dark among Asian countries. For a long time, land-based companies have expressed curiosity about pursuing the Asian market but have been largely unsuccessful in part because many of these countries - with the exception of Macau - banned any form of gambling. As a result, poker remained a Western game, completely detached from the East.

10 years later and it is a different story altogether.

It's no secret that poker's popularity experienced an unprecedented surge with the introduction of online poker. Not just that but broadcasts of the World Number of Poker and the World Poker Tour introduced the overall game to an incredible number of casual viewers.

But most of all, poker's introduction to Asia happened since the countries slowly started initially to open its collective arms to land-based and on-line gambling.

The allure of Asia as a poker crazy region comes as no surprise considering almost half the world's population are available there. China and India alone comprise almost 2.5 billion people when combined and that's not even counting Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines -- densely populated countries in their particular right. With all these individuals starting to get familiarized with the overall game and the attraction that is included with it, it was just a matter of time before poker games and poker tournaments exploded in the region.

And now, to express that Texas Hold'Em, unquestionably typically the most popular type of poker, will be played everywhere is really a vast understatement. Poker rooms are sprouting like full-blown seeds throughout Asia. Macau, a baccarat-dominated country, is slowly beginning to have the thrill that is poker. Recently, it has hosted numerous poker tournaments like the Asian Poker Tour Macau 2008. Incidentally, the APT now has its individual poker room at the Galaxy StarWorld Hotel and Casino.

Even in the Philippines, poker is growing faster than you can say, "All-In!" The united states has hosted its great amount of tournaments not the smallest amount of of which is the Asian Poker Tour. As a matter of fact, the success of last year's APT tournament - which drew more than 316 poker players from all over the world - has led to the APT holding another tournament to start its 2009 season. The asiaqq Tour Philippines 2009 is going to be held from January 27 to February 1, 2009 at the Dusit Thani Manila Hotel and it's widely expected that some of the best poker players from all over the world will be involved in the event.

Bandarqq players have also become instrumental in the propagation of poker in Asia. Some of the best poker players on earth, including Johnny Chan, Men "The Master" Nguyen, JC Tran, Nam Le, Steve Sung, Quinn Do, David Rheem and Kwang Soo Lee all trace their roots in Asia and their impact on earth poker scene hasn't gone unnoticed.

With the meteoric rise of poker in Asia, it only seems inevitable that more and more into the future top players of poker will come from the region. It's a testament to a game title that only 10 years ago was not even an afterthought. From the darkness of obscurity, poker has risen up to become one of typically the most popular games in Asia.

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