What are Advantages & Weaknesses of Nihil and Muspah Slayer Tasks in RS 3?

Posted by gracedashen on September 5th, 2015

When it comes to Nihil and Muspah slayer tasks, players have lots of questions in mind. Honestly, a month ago most players have discussed the Nihil and Muspah slayer tasks which are highlights of rs 3. What are the points of Nihil and Muspah slayer tasks? RS3gold could offer cheap rs 3 gold to you to help you to experience them.

What drops will players be looking for at Nihil and Muspash?

Nihil and Muspash don't drop anything tradeable that's worth much, they both drop components to make familiars that can sell for a good bit.

Nihl will drop these ingredient Aviansie talons, icyene feathers, vampyre fangs, and demon horns and so on, meanwhile there's a chance at the zaros bow. Although these are untradeable that are used to make nihil familiar pouches, which are very expensive (this is where the money comes from). Muspah die really fast and drop a lot of good alchables. Muspah familiars also sell well.

The advantages & weaknesses of Nihil and Muspah slayer tasks

Most players put forward a question “Are Muspah/Nihil good slayer tasks”? Certainly, it is obvious that the reply is positive. There are amounts of reasons to support “Nihil and Muspah slayer tasks are good slayer task”.

Nihil tasks are greatfor money, as the Nihil familiar pieces are roughly worth 100k each and along with the other drops you can manage 3m/hr. Nihil can make 1-2 million per assignment. Shadow nihils are level 87 Summoning familiars. They belong to the Nihil group of familiars, and currently share the special move, Annihilate, with three other nihil familiars: smoke nihils, blood nihils, and ice nihils.Some players stick to Shadow Nihil which can walk a square over. In this way they avoid Shadow Nihil’s special move to immobilize them.

Muspah tasks are one of the best tasks for XP with upwards of 300k slayer per hour, also good money if you choose to do them that way, which are incredibly relaxing and easy. “Muspah I've only been assigned once so I don't remember. Morvran doesn't like assigning I toggle monsters unless they're Nihil or Tormented Demons” a player says. Muspahs have a special weakness against ancient spells, which hits for double damage against them. After the quest, players can fight the Muspah on the Cradle.

In conclusion, Nihil and Muspah slayer tasks are interesting. Players will have a more enjoyable experience in rs 3 if you have them. However, players should get the required energy. So you can buy cheap rs 3 gold on RS3gold to help you.

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