The Top New Trends in Mens' Fashion

Posted by Jake Riviera on May 10th, 2021

Keeping up with fashion from year to year can be tough, but there are ways to do it successfully. You can learn to embrace the new trends and look good, but also determine which trends are actually going to be embraced by all and which will not. Checking out a store or website can show you all the new clothes available, but being aware of what are predicted to be new fashion movements is important too. The following are some of the trends that you can feel comfortable investing your money into so that you are able to go out, or stay home, in style. 


Whether you are heading to an office or remaining at home, check out the latest pants best suited for your needs. These pants, both dress pants and loungewear, are straying away from being skinny and tight and are noticeably more relaxed. You can keep the waist tight but legs loose in dress pants and put on drawstring pants when you are going to spend the day at home.

If you are looking for an in-between pair of pants that are not quite dress wear but look nicer than drawstring pants, mid-wash denim is the way to go. Dark denim is not the optimal wear for warmer days, but choosing lighter styles can give you the look you are going for while also staying cool and comfortable. 


Just as pants are getting looser, jackets, parkas and other outwear are as well. Whether you are looking for wool jackets, leather jackets, or fleece jackets, opt for a slightly oversized fit. This will allow you to layer your outfit, so you can slip a sweater in to stay warm outside but also add another item to complement the rest of your outfit.

Wool jackets are timeless, and for good reason: they are warm and last season after season. Leather jackets, another timeless piece of outerwear, are a worthy investment to keep in your closet. The latest trend is having a belted waist on your jacket, so you can opt for the timeless look without matching your father's own leather jacket. Fleece jackets are having a more recent comeback as well, especially since they are being created in neutral-toned coats instead of mostly neon sweatshirts. 

If you are looking for a coat that is fashionable but also able to withstand cold and wet weather without being damaged, consider a tried and true technical outerwear zip-up silhouette piece. There are a number of brands that sell such pieces, and these coats can withstand rain and wind securely. The outerwear can also be used to layer if you are wearing an oversized jacket.


From boots to sneakers, stay on top of the latest shoe trends without compromising comfort. Chelsea boots have recently been updated with thicker soles, but still hold onto the sleek, low-profile feel as well. The thicker soles will let you wear these boots while also keeping your feet warm and dry. 

Designer sneakers boast versatility in that they can be worn when going out to a bar or when you need to dress in business casual wear. They are comfortable, unique, and worth the investment, especially when you realize you can wear them more days than not. 


Finally, embrace the patterns in your shirts this year. From florals to stripes to checks, new trends reinvent classic styles in your everyday tops. In cooler weather, a midweight, checked flannel shirt will keep you warm, comfortable and stylish. In warmer weather, a floral top with muted pants or shorts is the way to go. The prints are reminiscent of 1970s fashion but are making their way back into the fashion of today.

For other options, look for vertically striped shirts. They are flattering and different; they are a little more subtle than florals, yet still, make a statement. Horizontal stripes, especially in the dark blues and whites, are ways to incorporate some nautical-inspired pieces into your regular rotation. 

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