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Posted by athletedefendermia on May 10th, 2021

Student-athletes often find it tough to abide by all the laws of the NCAA. Unfortunately, they lose a chance to complete their education and achieve recognition as one of the star athletes that represent the school. Sadly, it is the coach who calls the shots at one’s chosen school and college. Many students have been mistreated by the school authorities that deprived them of their rights many a time.

While it is essential to follow the NCAA rules perfectly, there can be no excuse to take unfair conduct and physical abuse lying down. A student needs to go through the list of terms & conditions carefully before accepting the NCAA contract right at the beginning of the school year. The legal jargon is likely to sound obscure, with most of the young students having no clue about the inherent meaning. This makes it all the more critical for the student to have proper NCAA athlete representation to guarantee justice.

Engaging the services of a wannabe lawyer or student with no experience would be foolhardy. It is necessary to hire one with the right skills and experience in handling similar cases. Some of the reasons that bring the conflict of a student and the NCAA authorities face to face in the courtroom often include:-

· Scholarship Woes- Entering a contract with the NCAA gives the student a financial right to take academic classes at the institution. The student has a right to seek legal assistance when the scholarship is discontinued suddenly or reduced without any reason. An attorney representing the student will go through the contract diligently, taking note of the salient points to understand the cause. Any illegality is definite to come to the notice of the seasoned lawyer, who will then argue for the client with instances of the scholarship amount being restored more often than not.

· Transfer- Student-athletes may desire a change at times and ask to be transferred to another institution. The NCAA does not approve of such actions always, however. The administration and school management have the right to stop financial aid or ask the concerned student to sit out if the regulations are not followed properly. The lawyer representing the student can keep the client informed about the dos and don’ts when one wants to transfer in the middle of a season.

· Concussion- It is the onus of the NCAA and the coach and sports staff of an institution to ensure the safety of the student-athletes that represent their school on the playing field. True, many physical sports have the players injured during play, but urgent medical intervention and treatment should be provided by the authorities. It is mandatory to contact a legal professional to address the underlying issues such as inadequate medical attention, prolonged suffering, and exacerbation of a head injury.

NCAA has been held responsible for several wrongdoings in the past. The huge number of NCAA sports litigation records makes it essential to contact a sports lawyer for all students hoping to become student-athletes.

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