Advantages of Made to Measure shirtmaking.

Posted by John on September 6th, 2015

History teaches us what happened and why it happened enabling mankind to create new history.
Local Tailoring

Historically shirts have always been tailored locally by craftsmen skilled at the art of sewing. This business model dropped significantly after the Industrial revolution which gave birth to the “Assembly Line”.
Assembly Line production

In the Textile industry the assembly line involved greater automation, carefully segregated activities that optimised processes and led to unprecedented volumes in production. This phenomenon led to a new generation of engineering. The engineering of statistics. The capacity of shirt production was huge. With the volume of production decided, the only thing remaining to decide was the variation in sizes. Now assembly line is all about efficiency. More variations mean greater time consumption and lesser efficiency. But the market demand forces them to come up with new names of fits and few different sizes. Hence the sizes S,M,L,XL, XXL and the usual fits “Regular” and “Slim”.
This model worked brilliantly for many decades until a new revolution started and gained pace. “Internet & Technology”

Internet & Technology

The Internet has gained popularity since the late 1990’s and has helped revolutionize many industries. In the textile industry it has bridged a gap that existed between Bespoke and Assembly line manufacturing, the gap of fit and customization.
This leads to specifically Perfect Attire’s business model of Custom Made to Measure Shirting. Using technology and the Internet as an enabler our custom manufacturing process uses the efficiency of Assembly line production and combines the customization and fit advantages of Bespoke tailoring giving the best of both worlds to consumers.
Now one might argue, that custom crafting is not complete bespoke, and we completely agree with that statement. In a fair and honest way we put down both the Pros and cons of custom shirt making for you as a consumer to make a decision.

PROS of custom shirtmaking
Great Fit: No more worrying about having a big shoulder, baggy midsection, extra long/short sleeve lengths or big/small collars. By noting about 9 of your body or favourite shirt measurements and creating a unique pattern it is ensured that each shirt fits you perfectly or close to perfect. At Perfect Attire we do not take any short cuts in noting measurements.
Individual Personalization: The consumer is given greater power to choose his customizations and personalize his garment. At Perfect Attire you can choose your collars, cuffs, fit, customize your shirts to add contrasts and personalize them with monograms at no extra cost.
Convenience: How to beat the convenience of sitting at your home or office and crafting a shirt that you know will fit you well. Add Free Delivery to the equation and you got a sweet deal.
Repeatability: This is a real understated advantage. Once your pattern is created, your shirts can be repeatedly crafted the exact way time after time. Your fabrics and customizations can change but your fit will still be the same.
Modifications: Did you have a great year full of gastronomic experiences or was your new year resolution to become lean? Worry not because in both cases your measurements are in your control and if required patterns can be recreated to suit your physique at a certain point in time.
Pricing: Pricing is more of a brand issue. You can find a wide range of prices on custom shirts. We believe in a transparent and fair pricing. There is just one base price computed on a combination of factors like the originating mill, yarn count, ply and weave. No charges for customizations, personalizations or delivery.

CONS of custom shirtmaking
Delivery Time: A Made to Measure custom shirt will not satiate your immediate need. So trigger happy shoppers find the waiting time a hassle. At Perfect Attire a fabric is cut after you have designed and ordered. Our production time is an approximate 7-10 working days which is in fact much faster than most of the competition. Add to it a delivery period of 3-5 working days, you are talking a total lead time of 2-3 weeks.
Trust factor: Fabrics, raw materials, craftsmanship etc are worries widely associated with an internet business and it is quite natural. We understand which is why we believe in transparency and education. In order to alleviate the fear of fabric quality we have partnered with century old fabric mill “Tessitura Monti” of Italy and Turkish brand “Soktas”. These mills have a great history in textile weaving, renowned worldwide for their quality control.
Returns & Alterations: This is a pain point with the internet business in general which is a hassle for both businesses and consumers. We do not like it either, hence we have the most convenient Return and Alteration policy. Our Fit Guarantee ensures that your purchase is Risk Free. If your shirt doesn’t fit we will remake a new one and send to you.
We are fully vertically integrated having complete manufacturing process (from pattern creation to final packaging) under one roof. This enables us to enforce strict quality control.
It is no secret that the internet revolution is here to stay and online shopping is going to grow more and more with each year. We at Perfect Attire believe in the power of technology to enrich lives and we shall continuously strive to innovate and do our best in whatever we do.
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