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Posted by nash john on September 7th, 2015

Have you ever used AHK while playing old school runescape? AHK is a program primarily used to simulate mousekeys supported by Jagex. Many top osrs players use AHK to automate 1:1 inputs though the majority of osrs players are playing the game by themselves. AHK offers you an easy way to gain runescape 07 gold and maximum experience. However, is this a safe way you can use in game?

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Jagex’s vague statement - 1:1 rule is a myth

Jagex has been very confused on this topic. What has been said lately is that the “1:1 rule is a myth” and “AHK may be picked up as botting and players may be banned for this.” In other words, it's fine to use AHK as long as it's 1:1, but you might still get banned for it. Your account might get banned if you have used AHK in very unnatural ways. If you're not sure whether or not you can do it safely, you had better avoid using it.

However, many players use AHK frequently in order to gain experience and 07 runescape gold. Indeed, people who care about getting the maximum experience and 2007 runescape gold are more likely to use AHK frequently. In fact, there is a safer and easier way to get 2007 runescape gold without getting your account banned – buy runescape 2007 gold online. Rsorder is one of the best websites that offer cheap and safe osrs gold.

Buy runescape 2007 gold online without getting your account banned

It is hard for Jagex to change the rules constantly to prohibit using of AHK. And this makes it really risky to use AHK to gain osrs gold or experience. If you use this too frequently, or if you use AHK in very unnatural ways, the bot-detector will ban your account. Since you have spend a long time in this game, it is not worth to get osrs gold at the cost of your valuable account. So you should avoid using AHK to get gain osrs gold or experience, instead, you can visit rsorder to buy some if you need.

Rsorder offers plenty of cheap 07 runescape gold which is hand made by skilled gamers. We guarantee that there is no AHK or macros used to get osrs gold which may bring harmful effects to your account. Chances are you will get free osrs gold if you take part in our activities or buy 07 runescape gold from us. Instead of using AHK which may make your account banned to gain osrs gold, you can always consider buying cheap runescape 2007 gold on rsorder.


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