Implement the 5 Most Effective Marketing Strategies Using Pigeon Forge Rack Card

Posted by dynamohi on September 7th, 2015

1. Understand your target audience

The ability to serve the needs of your audience is the essence of your rack card marketing effort. By toying around with your audience's needs and aspirations, you can sit back and come up with an irresistible rack card ad that will instantaneously capture their attention while getting you the results that you want.

For instance, if you're in the hotel business targeting sales people who travel frequently, your promotions, features, headlines, designs as well as benefits will have to come from that audience.

2. Collect samples from your competitor to make pertinent comparisons

Before you even have your rack cards designed, you must first collect those from your competitors to compare and contrast intricate details such as colors, graphics, discounts, & promotions among other factors to help you put together even more outstanding rack cards.

You may also prepare your business cards to hand out to your customers when they visit. To start you off on this front, grab some Pigeon Forge business cards to give away to your visitors so that next time they’ll remember you.

In the hotel example above, you still have to be attentive on the kinds of travelers at your disposal to know their exact needs. Your rack cards will require a few items.

  • Outstanding graphic design work that employs light colors
  • An attractive headline
  • A short description
  • Short bullet points
  • Your business address
  • Phone number
  • Website address
  • A clear map to help clients find you easily

Once you have all these details readily drafted out, it’s time to contact a reputable printing service such as the Pigeon Forge Rack Cards.

3. Associate yourself with popular landmarks

This is especially helpful if you're receiving second hand foot traffic from these areas; "Next to Ripley's Museum!"

Pick either one or two main attractions for the front page of your rack card then put your bullet points at the back for the secondary attractions. In case you have more than two attractions, then it's best that you get two to three racks for the best ROI. Always maintain simplicity with your rack cards and include a sense of urgency in your ad copy but in a professional manner - don't display neediness.

4. Add a discount voucher or free gift coupon in your rack cards

People are often excited when they see some discount vouchers or free items. For this to happen, you need a great distribution plan in place, assuming that you’ve already done your research on various locations to find your target audiences, maybe in the bus/train stations, market places, convenience stores, tourist centers, airport lobbies (depending on where you expect your target clients to see them), etc.

5. Continue improving and tweaking your rack card campaigns

There’s nothing like a perfect campaign in rack card marketing; hence, getting the best results will depend on how well you study the competition and implement new ideas and strategies you’ve observed, developed, and tested.

The above tips should set you off on the right foot, but remember that the more you practice, the quicker you improve and the faster you learn.

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