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Posted by annesmith0117 on May 11th, 2021

In the Valheim game, if you are interested in the dead, you can use the in-game Mod support. If you want to make the Viking experience slightly Skyrim style, you can also use Mod support. Therefore, it can be seen that Mod support is one of the reasons that makes Valheim an excellent game. If you like the classic Blizzard RPG more now, you can bring an obvious World of Warcraft flare to the world of Valheim.

Modder Kromek recently uploaded the new Valheim of Warcraft mod to Nexus Mods, which replaces the procedurally generated Valheim map with the world of Azeroth. You will travel through the Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Pandaria, Broken Isles, etc. Although they do not add cosmic regions such as the Maelstrom or Shadowlands, they play an important role in the latest WOW Classic Gold expansion of World of Warcraft. .

In this mod, you will start from Timeless Isle, and with the help of the portal center located there, you can enter any other starting area. Each starting area has its own Eikthyr altar and way forward, so there is no need to worry about being in trouble because of not being able to kill the first boss. In order to adapt to all the continents of Azeroth, their overall area has been reduced by 20%. There are also gateways to certain ship routes, such as Booty Bay-Ratchet and Menethil-Theramore, as well as Zeppelin routes, Undercity-Orgrimmar, and Deeprun from Stormwind to Haranos tram.

There is no doubt that Valheim of Warcraft is an ingenious way to experience Valheim, but it still looks like Valheim, and some geographical areas are similar to World of Warcraft. In the future, Kromek plans to use different creature maps to improve the mod, which will give Valheim a truly Azeroth appearance and add World of Warcraft Classic Gold things like "crypts, sinking crypts, goblin villages", and specific landmarks that give the world of Azeroth its flavor.

If you are interested in Mod support, you can download the mod from NexusMods. If you are not currently the leader of World of Warcraft, you can first check out the Viking resorts built by Valheim players. You can experience it in a heated swimming pool and a hot tub.

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