How Much to Tip Professional Office Moving Movers

Posted by Evom Movers on May 11th, 2021

From the employees to the equipment that needs to be relocated without any damage, there is just a lot of work for the movers. Such a situation is not ideal for the novice or the local movers. Office movers are experts in relocating offices. Hence, using them for your office moving is the best option you can go for. However, after you are done with the move and it is time to bid farewell, should you be paying a tip?

Around 35 million people move each year. Out of these 35 million, not a lot of them tip their movers. For the ones that want to, they are unaware of the tip (United States Census Bureau). Your professional office movers performed efficiently and you are satisfied with their performance, but you don’t know how much they should get as their tip. Knowing how much to pay is important, but with the market trends changing faster than the seasons, the percentages or the flat rates are not easy to be figured out. Let us share with you some tipping secrets you can use for your office moving process. Whether you are using smart move relocation services or office moving services professionals in their work, the tipping methods to follow should be adaptable to all models.

Office Moving Tipping Methods

Most office movers go with 5-10% of the total amount. However, if your office move has gone into thousands of dollars, it can be a huge amount for a tip. This amount can make sense if it is a residential move of 00, and a 0 tip would not be too much of a burden on the pocket. So, what to do? Well, the universal formula would be to go by hourly rate. So, just like their normal per hour rate, you can link a tip rate per hour. It can be from -5/hour, per mover.

If the number of movers for your office moving is too many, you can drop the rate per hour. Most of the time, even for an office move, the office moving can take two days. Yes, it can be more as well but this is an average for the local office moves, with the reassembling and everything included. So, if the office movers took 16-20 hours in total for the move, the tip should be fine considering what the actual office moving cost was incurred. On average, office movers who have been tipped -60 dollars per day are happy with their reward. So, if you are looking to just go flat rate, this number can be a great tipping amount unless the work was too much. In that case, you can just increase your price to 0 per mover. Again, make sure you plan your tipping strategy after assessing the total number of office movers you have for your office moving.

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