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Posted by guoguole on September 7th, 2015

For most FIFA gamers, the FIFA Ultimate Team is a fantastic way to play.  As the release date  approaching, you should get prepared for any problems you may face. The start of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is the most important moment of the game. We have presented you with the ten steps to start your FUT 16. 

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Step 1 Get yourself prepared
Before starting the season you have to prepare yourself. You have to plan it. Get clear understandings of the rules, the play observations, and some tips. 
Step 2 Start as soon as possible 
The sooner you start playing FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, your chances are greater of being successful. Since the beginning of the game being the most important time though very unstable, it is the best time to make great deals.
Step 3 Pick a name 
When starting, you’ll be asked to maintain the name of your club or to choose another one. You should keep in mind that you can’t change it without the right item from the EASFC catalogue. 
Step 4 Sell all your cards 
After choosing your club name, you’ll be gifted with some packs. If you have got good untradeable cards, sell every card you have got and start your team from scratch without being limited by the cards you received.
Step 5 Gather even more coins 
The cards you’ve sold are already good enough for a good start but if you can gather some more coins, your development in the game will be even faster. If you want more coins with less money, is a good choice for you. 
Step 6 Start to trade 
At first, you should start with safe investments but always leaving some coins aside in case anything goes wrong. 
Step 7 Hire managers 
Managers are the most important staff in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. They can be the solution to a problem you should manage with extreme caution: contracts. 
Step 8 Buy contract cards 
Contract cards have an important strategic role in the game. When a player is without contracts, the only way of making him play again is by applying a contract card. This has to be done.
Step 9 Build your team 
Now you can build your dream team. Just build your team as you planed.
Step 10 Enjoy the game 
When everything is prepared, it is your time to enjoy FIFA 16, the best football game. Play beautiful!

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