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Posted by hw on May 11th, 2021

Wedge sandals (Wedge Heel) belongs to a large piece of summer slope with shoes. It belongs to high heels, but there is a certain height in front of the front foot of the wedge and the equivalent height of ordinary high heels and wedges, the slope heels are not tired. The wedge shoes are generally a whole bottom, the high roots behind, with the front shoes, unlike a small independent one with a general high heel.

The wedge shoes are no longer going to take the previous route, and a large piece of hard Bangbang stepped at the foot, as if standing on the leopard fish mouth and walking on a stone. Although the upper body wears a bright and light, it is open to this thick bottom slope with the shoes. Nowadays, the popular slopes are not stupid, but to shape the streamlined followed curve. The latest designs require: Whether the level of the entire slope is in contact with the ground or shaping the height of the height, it should appear a beautiful "S" shape, and narrow the shoes, so that the shoes are trying to be more refined. The wedges of the new design not only lost the cumbersome, but add a feminine and delicate.

Applicable User

◎ Legs round robust lines and wedge shoes combination will trigger sexy species;

◎ The gospel of a petite girl will not appear to be aesthetically mixed with a stretching.

◎ Most of the styles of the wedge shoes are combined with retro style, so the girls with small wheat color are very suitable;



◎ Woven shoe and the slope of the conjugated three-dimensional flowers are not serious enough, so it is banned to enter office;

◎ Some minimally designed wedges should be mixed with trousers, which can make you look more quite;

◎ The latest design is combined with the scarf and the slope, and the gorgeousity is first-class, and it is party;

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