Handgun, Rifle, and Shotgun Options to Keep an Eye Out for Online

Posted by GunBroker.com on May 11th, 2021

For the average gun enthusiast, online firearms commerce has provided a whole world of new opportunities. Take an online firearms super-marketplace like GunBroker.com. A user has immediate access to thousands of new, used, and antique guns of virtually every conceivable kind being auctioned and sold. It is like a country-wide gun show that is accessible anywhere with an Internet connection. Here are just a few of the guns you could look for online using a versatile platform.

Handguns to Look for and Why

Beretta 92

The stalwart Beretta 92 handgun family epitomizes the Wonder Nine. The quintessential Beretta 9mm is tough, high-capacity, and reliable enough for decades of military and law enforcement endorsement. That globally recognized reliability means that there is often a wide variety of Beretta 92s being bought, sold, and auctioned online.

SilencerCo Maxim 9

What is cooler than an integrally suppressed nine that looks like something from a gritty sci-fi series? Not much, which makes the SilencerCo Maxim 9 about as cool as it gets. Despite that, what is the likelihood that you will find one under glass at the local gun shop? Chances are that it is online or nothing for the Maxim 9.

Shotguns to Look for and Why

Benelli M4

It does not get any cooler for shotguns than the famous Benelli M4. However, finding one offline, much less one with the features you are looking for, is likely to be difficult. For the specific Benelli M4 model you have in mind, internet commerce is likely a must.

Beretta A300

The same goes for shotguns that say “duck blind” rather than “special forces.” The Beretta A300 is the user-friendly workhorse of practical scatterguns. Finding a Beretta A300 in a brick-and-mortar firearms vendor is certainly possible, but the Beretta A300 with the barrel length, finish, and style you want? That is less probable.

Rifles to Look for and Why

Ruger Mini 30

Being a sibling of the legendary Ruger Mini 14, or at the very least a close cousin means there is no question about the Ruger Mini 30 being a tough-as-nails tack-driver. However, finding a Mini 14 somewhere other than the internet is probably going to be easier than finding a Mini 30. If you prefer your Ruger Mini chambered in 762x39, an online gun marketplace it is!

DPMS 308

Over the past few decades, the DPMS name has come to represent an exceptional standard of precision, quality, and reliability, and for good reason. With a DPMS rifle chambered for 308, you can combine that legacy of excellence with a renowned and time-tested powerful long-range cartridge. That combination, however, can make them hard to find. And when you need to find the hard-to-find in the world of firearms, you log on.

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