Choosing Between Listing Agents And Buyer Agents

Posted by articlelink01 on September 7th, 2015

It is pretty sensible to reach out to a real estate agent or Realtor when you want to buy a home or property. This is because they are experts who simplify the complicated process of home buying.  They do all the leg work, keep you up to date with the latest listings, and help you find that perfect home. 

Unfortunately, some people do not know how to identify the best real estate agent. Usually, once they find a home from real estate listings green bay Wisconsin, they look for the first agent they see without any questions. It is shocking how most home buyers get in touch with agents who they barely know. Many times a Realtor has specialties, like home foreclosures, or Buyers agents, or seller’s agents, or agents that exclusively work with seniors or in certain geographical areas.  This article will help guide you in finding the right type of real estate agent or Realtor in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Difference between listing and buyer agents

As their titles suggest both listing and buyer agents are real estate agents. Hence, when searching through certain websites, you are likely to get the two types of agents for list of real estate agents Green Bay Wi. However, it is up to you to choose on the one that is suitable for you. Note that they all act as intermediaries between the sellers and buyers.

The title “buyer agent,” means this type of agent helps home buyers find homes.  They will help you to find property in a given locality that you like. They also ensure the buyer receives the best deal possible to make you happy so you use them again and refer them to your friends.  Remember, Realtors only get paid from the seller if they find you that perfect home. That is their incentive. Some buyer agents are exclusive buying agents because their expertise is finding homes and negotiating down sale prices. 

The listing agent on the other hand serves the seller. They represent the seller during negotiations. In Wisconsin, the seller and the listing agent sign a listing contract that outlines the selling agents’ duty to the home seller.  This contract is referred to as a ‘Listing Agreement’. What this usually means is that all the real estate agents represent the seller unless you sign a buyer’s agency agreement that states that they are working for you. Many people do not know this and will use any Realtor without signing the buyer’s agreement. What this means is that buyers agent is really a listing agent working for the seller. Be careful and make sure you understand that!

Since they are working for the interests of the seller, they are likely to go for the highest possible prices. Plus they will receive more compensation if they are paid commission, so they have every incentive to keep the price high. Hence, you must know the agent with whom you are dealing. It is sad that some buyers have ended up in the hands of listing agents without knowing. Often, this is a result of findingreal estate listings Green Bay Wisconsin on websites that just list agents or Realtors next to the properties people contact. 

Core roles of listing agents

-          Come up with strategies for marketing property

-          Take photos of the property

-          Advise sellers on appropriate methodology of staging the house

-          Look for highest selling price through a market analysis

-          Use cunning techniques to attract buyers

-          Negotiate the price

-          Verify if the buyer is creditable 

The presence of many Real Estate listings Green Bay Wisconsin has caused many buyers to end up in the hands of listing agents. After going through the list of real estate agents Green Bay Wi, you should search differently for either buyer or listing agents who work for maximum benefit of buyers and sellers respectively.