5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Executive Coaching

Posted by Sarah Jones on May 11th, 2021

A person working on a certain level of leadership definitely possesses unique qualities like experience, knowledge, and professional skills. But sometimes, he/she might require more than just unique qualities.

As we all know, handling a huge group of people while facing the fluctuating market and juggling through the personal life can become hectic for any individual. That is why many organizations end up hiring executive coaches.

An executive coach works with qualified individuals like executives and high-performing employees to assist them in gaining self-awareness, unlock their potential, achieve extra developmental objectives, clarify goals, change industries and name a few. In fact, an executive coach can help the leaders in understanding and clarifying their problems on their own without them noticing the same.

Nowadays, the concept of executive coaching Louisville, KY, has become more mainstream and accessible, but people still have some problems understanding the whole idea. So, in this blog, we will dive into understating five things that everyone gets wrong about executive coaching.

But before that, let understand –

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a process of training executive-level staff in an organization. This process typically involves different phases, starting from an initial meet where the coachee's coachability is assessed.

If the coach is a good fit, then an intake assessment, goal setting, and development plan is drafted based on leadership skills like interpersonal skill-building and then progressed based on the plan.

This process may be carried out by providing instructions, offering coaching training online or one-on-one training followed by continual access to the coach for further support.

The coaching process is completed:

  • When the development goals are met
  • When the agreed time has come to an end
  • Or when either coach or the coachee decides to stop the process

Typically the duration of executive coaching can last anywhere between three to nine months for individuals or Seven to 12 months when it comes to coaching the organization.

Top things people get wrong about executive coaching:

1. Only the organization can allocate a coach for me: Well, if you are in an organization, then this should be the case most of the time. But, you must know that your career development is your responsibility and not the organization's. Don't wait for the organization to take the step because most companies offer to coach to top performers.

If you think that you aren't recognized for your leadership skills, aren't offered much-deserved promotions, feel stuck, want honest feedback, then working with a coach is prudent.

Sitting around or getting irritated over your situation will not give you the opportunity. Think from your career perspective and go ahead with hiring an executive coach on your own.

2. If I require a coach, then it must be because I lack vital skills: Almost 90% of the time, this isn't the case. In fact, organizations hire executive coaches to train the top performers with the notion of guiding these individuals and offering them third-party perspectives on their actions.

Coaches can help you in understanding the third-party observation of your behavior. This way, you will not only identify the missing things in you but also may begin to self-regulate yourself at the moment. The whole concept of executive coaching is to understand your true potential and use it productively to benefit the organization as well as your career.

3. If I fail, then it is the coach's responsibility: Well, this is certainly a wrong way of thinking. You cannot expect yourself to drop two sizes just because you signed a contract with the gym. The result of how your body turns out will depend upon your commitment to developing yourself.

Similar is the situation with hiring an executive coach. You will require undertaking challenges; perform activities between the sessions without wasting your and the coach's time. Be open and honest about your needs; your coach will work as your ally and help you do better.

By hiding the truth, you are ending up limiting your behavior, results, and beliefs from significantly changing for good. Coaches are eagerly waiting to help you and align their plans with your needs. So, be transparent for a successful reinforcement.

4. Hiring a coach can prove expensive: Well, think of this situation like this, your money replenishes itself but your knowledge and time doesn't. Thinking that you will undertake the training next year will only add up as an excuse.

Many times it happens that people have money in their hands, but they are too afraid to make a commitment or are basically afraid of the whole process. But, when it comes to executive coaching, it is absurd to wait till you become miserable. By then, you might have wasted a lot of time.

So, if you have saved a few bucks for your next vacation, use that for the executive coaching this season, you will have earned a lot, but the time your coaching session ends. Your coach will transform your life and develop the areas that are holding you back.

5. I will hire a coach only when I am out of work: Well, it is certainly silly to wait until you are out of the work to hire a coach. You don't want to be on a performance improvement plan and thinking about the termination while you are getting ready for the next phase of your life.

The human body takes longer to modify the mindset and behavior. And too reach the result effectively, it is important that you aren't doubting yourself and are on low self-esteem.

If you think you need help, get one, don't wait to be stereotyped by the organizations.

Signing off

Any organization that is looking forward to enhancing its existing employees (those at the leadership level) can benefit from executive coaching Louisville, KY like Action COACH Louisville. A mindful investment in coaching now can significantly boost the performance of the executives, resulting in enhancing the ROI of the company down the line.

We hope that our blog was able to clear most of your doubts in regard to executive coaching.


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