Re-establish the Heart Rhythm with AEDs

Posted by ricky26 on September 8th, 2015

Have you ever witnessed the scenario, where a random person or someone you know suddenly collapses because of cardiac arrest? If yes, then we are sure about the goose bumps, anxiety and the high level of tension that overpowers you, making you feel helpless. All what you can do is to either wait for the medical attention to rush to the spot soon or to take the concerned to the nearest medical centre as soon as possible. Though in both cases, each passing second increases the risk to the life of victim. The chances of survival of victim dramatically decrease 7-10% with every passing minute, and may lead to death if the heart isn’t defibrillated on time. But, one can certainly provide the timely assistance to the patient of cardiac arrest if they have the  AED  with them.

AED is the abbreviation and widely used name for Automated External Defibrillator, which is the life saviour electronic device that can re-establish the unsynchronized heart rhythm caused by ventricular fibrillation. The science behind this abrupt loss of heart function lies in the irregular rhythm that starts at the heart’s lower pumping chambers (ventricles), which if not defibrillated quickly can lead to the death of the victim within minutes. Individuals, who have AED and are aware about how to operate the same, can certainly save the life of the person by delivering electric shock through the chest to the heart, and effectively bring back the normal heart rhythm easily.

AED machines are portable and small in size, and one should certainly have them in their homes if they or someone in their family have a history of heart related problems. Moreover, one should have these machines in their workplace as well to meet the medical emergency if they ever arise. Some of the popular AED devices are made available to you from reliable brands like Cardiac Science, Zoll and Laerdal that you can choose to buy and keep as an emergency aid in your home or workplace.  Cardiac Science  AED offers fully automatic shock delivery, and the presence of CPR feedback technology makes it a more easy to operate device. Similarly,  Laerdal  is another brand that is easy to learn and the priority choice of professional responders for providing faster and easier lifesaving. To get these and other high utility branded AEDs, contact 2nd Heart that offers the best AEDs in Western Australia. For further information, visit

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