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Posted by Frozen Food on May 11th, 2021

Freezing foods allow you to extend shelf life and makes it easier to store it for a long time. However did you know that there are other advantages of frozen food items as well? For more than 3000 years, people have always found out ways to store food in cold condition and preserve crops as well as sustain themselves throughout the cold winter season. Presently, individuals freeze food for a wide variety of reasons, right from cost-saving, convenience to nutritional advantages of preserving food at peak freshness. There are several frozen food suppliers in Dubai such as First Foods that provide best food products at affordable rates.


Generally, the advantage of frozen food is undoubtedly convenience. Frozen foods offered by the best frozen foods supplier in Dubai are easy to transport as well as easy to cook even after intense session at a gym. When you freeze your own produce or order a ready-made frozen meal online, it is ready whenever you want.

Preserve nutrition at peak ripeness

Frozen food is often more nutrient-rich than any other food products at the grocery store. A recent study comparing vitamin retention in eight fruits and vegetables when they were refrigerated, versus when they were frozen. The study measured nutritional content of corn, carrots, broccoli, spinach, peas, green beans, strawberries, and blueberries at various stages of storage, and showed that the overall vitamin content of frozen foods is comparable, if not higher than their fresh counterparts.

Make your food last longer

If you are buying produce fresh, you can help preserve your fruit and veggies at their peak by properly storing produce in your freezer. Freezing food properly can help it retain nutritious for a long span of time. It is vital that you are freezing food at the peak of freshness as soon as you buy it. The next thing is that you should wash as well as dry the product before you put them inside the freezer. You should not put wet fruits or vegetables inside the freezer or else you may end up with a hard brick that is hard to separate or even blend. Moreover you must ensure that you are freezing food inside the air tight container and ensure maximum freshness. Freezer burn happens whenever frozen food is exposed to air. It is quite harmless but it may affect flavor, texture as well as nutrition.

Decreasing food waste

Because freezing is the best way to improve the lifespan of your food it may also help to reduce excessive food waste. You are able to decrease your household food waste by prepping what you need for the next couple of days and then freezing the rest.

Are you looking for one of the best frozen food suppliers in Dubai? For you First Intercontinental for Food Industries Co.( First Foods) is the best option. It was established in 2002 and since that day we have worked hard to provide the best quality and services so that its products would meet the international standards for quality and marketing. Its management has devoted all its hard work to provide the clients with the best products in the market. Its development is the result of continuous pursuit of the best, following international standards. At present, it is manufacturing more than twenty varieties of frozen foods for both the local as well as international market.

Author’s Bio: First Foods is a leading frozen foods supplier in Dubaithat is committed to offering high quality frozen food products at affordable rates.

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