Gameon: Dil Se Khelo

Posted by on May 11th, 2021

Gameon: Dil Se Khelo

Fantasy Cricket is no doubt a game of mind and luck. If you want to be the champ of fantasy sports you have to definitely use your knowledge. However, not always can you play ‘Dimag Se’. Sometimes you just have to use your heart and play ‘Dil Se’. Gameon says, ‘Dil Se Khelo’. It means that you need to use your heart as well when you are making your dream team. Of course, you still have to use your brain for choosing the right players but the mind is not always right. That little something that your heart tells you while you see and measure the abilities of the players before the match. We think that is a good thing.

Yes, listening to your ‘Dil’ sometimes can actually give you a solid edge over your opponent. That player you think might just ‘click’ on the day. That one cricketer who suddenly emerges as the hero of the match. That bowler who suddenly takes a 5-wicket haul from nowhere. Yes, it has all happened in Cricket in the past. It happens every day in IPL. So, we think that it is ‘Ok’ to use your gut feeling. Or rather, it is ‘Ok’ to make decisions from your ‘dil’. Well you are free to use your heart when you play fantasy cricket with Gameon.

However, we also advise you to maintain caution. Because, it is also about earning from your home. Some decisions made from the heart might not be very fruitful. However, the heart can also direct you towards being the champion. If you are playing IPL Fantasy league, for example, you would need to use your heart far more. You need to use your heart to find out the player who can beat all the odds to emerge victorious. ‘Dimag Se Khelna’ can also be a trap. You can select the player who is the most likely to lead you to victory but that one player you opponent selected from his heart can change the game.

Hence, we advise you to keep your heart at the right place. Your heart can be the biggest asset of your fantasy team. It can lead your team to ultimate victory. Hence, although people play with their ‘Dimag’ (mind). We also advise you to play with your ‘Dil’ (heart). It is only the right combination of Dil aur Dimag, (Heart and Mind) which, can lead you to become the champion. Download GameOn Fantasy Cricket App now and ‘Dil Se Khelo’. Be the winner of hearts. Combine your heart and mind the best way possible to get the right team.

It is also important to understand that Cricket is also the game of hearts. It is the heart beat of more than 130 million people in India. This gives you more reason to play ‘Dil Se’. Play with your heart and win big from cricket. That is the ‘mantra’ that GameOn would like to give you today.

Unfortunately, in the wake of Covid19, the IPL 2021 got postponed. But it would only be a little more time before things get normal. We advise you to keep your heart at the right place while India fights this pandemic. When everything returns to normal, we can all go back to playing our favorite fantasy cricket when our favorite games return. But for now, we need to keep our calm and maintain the pandemic protocols. Cricket will return definitely and so will Fantasy Cricket. This Until then, keep calm, stay safe and ‘Khelo Dil Se’.

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