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Posted by guoguole on September 8th, 2015

Days before, we have posted a topic about the necessity and possibility to bring back Trade Offers with Fifa 16 . As there are many limited elements like coin abusing, it seems not so easy to implement the suggestion. But even if trade offers cannot be realized, there is another good suggestion that benefits from Runescape, one of the most popular MMORPGs to make fifa 16 market much better.

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 How Grand Exchange function in Runescape?

 As the most popular game around 2006-2012, Runescape had ever owned a glittering history until a serious problem plagued this game...coin selling. Due to some negative problems on coin trading like scams, free trade was ever taken away from Runescape in 2007. Instead, price band was given for every tradeable item. Almost identical to what EA did to enable price range in fifa, it also received much complaint and caused to a great reduction of playerbase. Things never get better even when they copied a new version of Old School Runescape.

 As a solution, Grand Exchange finally came, providing every item a guide price to show the trend of intraday price, and prices go up or down based on how much the item is traded for relative to its guide (median) price, so that players can decide what will be a reasonable price for certain items and decide whether to trade or not. As a result, Runescape becomes increasingly popular and the Grand Exchange is still strong today in Runescape. It is the foundation of the economy and is a truly beautiful thing.

 How can Fifa 16 learn from Grand Exchange?

 As we mentioned above, the implement of Price Range and removal of Trade Offers are similar to runescape history to take away free trade, so would it be possible if Fifa 16 market learn by the policy that led Runescape to prosperity?

Assuming that Grand Exchange is in Fifa 16 terms, it could be a stock market with an autobuyer which auto buys the item with the lowest price currently on the "stock market". Every item has a guide price, but there is nothing stopping you putting in an offer for ridiculously low or ridiculously high and the trade going through. Fifa 16 coins won’t be abused or scammed as the player has no control over which individual item is bought for him. The only thing he can control is what he is willing to pay. The Grand Exchange will simply buy the cheapest card with the amount of fifa 16 coins the player has put into the offer.

Of course, it is not so simple to implement this in Fifa as cards have individual values: such as Contracts, Chemistry style, Fitness, Injury status that different from Runescape. To solve this, it is recommended to save all those values for your every player, any time you sell a one. For example, it will remember that your Doumbia had a Hunter Chemistry Style and 99 contract, so if you buy Doumbia again, he will still have the same Chemistry style, fitness etc. as when you sold him...and when you buy a player you haven't bought before, he has default everything.

 It is no doubt that the biggest issue with the market is the glitch on fifa 15 coin and will also be on fifa 16 coin , however, this should be improved with official effort. And if the idea can be brought to market, it does bring back merchenting on Fifa something that is mostly dead right now. Now as Fifa 16 is coming soon, cheap fifa 16 coins xbox one and other versions sale on Safewow will begin soon to help you strengthen your squad.

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