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Moccasins ? An investment in your health

Posted by universalpositions on September 8th, 2015

You’d be surprised how much influence your feet have on your health. We’re going to tell you a little horror story about foot problems, and then tell you how to fix these problems.

Your feet are required to take your weight. If you’re wearing good shoes, they will take the weight properly. If you’re not wearing good shoes, you’re going to have some problems. The usual symptoms of basic foot problems are constantly sore feet and tired legs.

Those problems can escalate, however, quite quickly. What happens is that the constant pressure starts to change the posture, which moves delicate bones and muscles. Ankles can also change configuration, turning inwards, in a condition which is known as pronation. Pronation, in turn affects the knees and upper leg.

Sometimes arches may be damaged as well, adding more problems. Ask anybody who’s ever had fallen arches, and you will be told in no uncertain terms that the experience is not a lot of fun.

All this added weight on feet and knees which are in the wrong position means trouble. In a worst-case scenario, it can be catastrophic, and extremely painful, even leading to back injuries.

Now the good news – In what must be one of the most ironic technological developments in modern history, it seems that moccasins, a truly ancient form of footwear, are much better for your feet than modern shoes.

The logic is pretty simple. Moccasins allow your feet to move normally and without the sort of restrictions that synthetic modern shoes inflict on them. Moccasins respond more like feet to changes in surfaces as you walk. Usually made of skins and leather, moccasins adapt themselves to the shape of the feet. Moccasins simply do not cause any of the problems described above.

Talking about good news – If you’re looking for better shoes and choose which will really give you some relief for your tired feet, we found a website called The Moccasin Shop, which has all the latest authentic moccasins. They have moccasins for women, Minnetonka men’s moccasins and moccasins for children. You can check out their website here at for a happy ending to your footwear horror stories.

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