High Density And Lead Free Bullets And Ammunitions Are Sustainable

Posted by Michael Luis on May 11th, 2021

Lead was used in manufacturing of ammunition and bullets but little did anyone know about the toxicity. However, with better technology and knowledge, it was found that lead is highly toxic and pose a number of health hazard. The high density engineered thermoplastics act as innovative solution for production of non-toxic, lead free ammunition.

The frangible bullets and ammunition made from high density thermoplastic material are non-toxic and offers a range of advance over lead construction. The engineered thermoplastic made from composite material are produced through extrusion or injection molding. This improves the overall physical properties of the material.

Advantage of Ammunition Made from Engineered High Density Thermoplastic

The combination of polymer composites and metal powders like copper, brass etc. is used for production of ammunition, free of toxic lead component. It results in production of ammunition and bullets with high density, high rate of expansion and better uniformity. The ammunitions are available in different forms fo guns to rifles.

The lead free ammunitionis sustainable and does not cause a threat to the environment or humans. It is mostly commonly used in hunting games for its eco-friendly and non-toxic construction. The ammunitions are perfect for use in shooting games for its high end precision and impactful hit without causing damage.

Safe and Convenient Use of the Bullets without Poisoning

The ammunition without the use of lead are perfect for self – defense. One of the main aspects of these bullets being popular is it does not actually harm or injure someone gravely. As soon as the high density thermoplastic bullet hit a target, the impacts leads to its breaking down into smaller pieces.

The ammunition is highly suitable for self-defense as well as bringing a chaotic situation in control. It does not penetrate the body but only minorly injure the person from the impact. These ammunitions have higher withstanding capacity and cheaper as compared to the traditional lead based ammunitions or bullets.

Properties and Use of the Lead Free Bullets and Ammunitions

The engineered thermoplastics have outstanding and strong mechanical properties. It is a great replacement for the traditional material. There is significant reduction in the cost with the reduced requirement of secondary production. It can be easily produced by compression molding and injection methods. The composite material have superior properties with application across different industries.

•    It is a perfect replacement for traditional material like lead, steel, titanium etc. The thermoplastic composite material have high tolerance against heat and chemical. Due to the combination of different high density material, it has higher overall density and toughness.

•    The material has a higher compressive strength and durability and hence it overall increases the longevity and lifespan. The cost of recycling the material is low and hence it is sustainable with higher flexibility of use.

•    With the increased flexibility, it is better and convenient to reshape and reform the thermoplastic material. The bullets are made from composite material like tin, copper, or tungsten and hence the production is cost-effective. The ammunition and bullets are majorly used for military training.

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