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Posted by Cesar on May 12th, 2021

WE SELL A COMPLETE SYSTEM - When you buy B STRONG, you get a lot more than a number of high-grade belts and pump. We have developed software tools delivered through our web-app to get you to the best and most reliable pressures so you can get the most out of the product. Our web-app functions: Pressure calculator so you can quickly get tailored pressures Find out more for numerous users Instructional videos that teach you the right method to put the belts, how to choose weights, how to pick workouts, etc. Sample video based workout programs you can follow along with Access to the leading exerpts in the field for assistance on how to maximize your usage of B STRONG SECONDHAND BY THE BEST and many more ...

SECURITY FIRST - Larger, inelastic cuffs like re-purposed high blood pressure cuffs are created to cut off blood circulation, which is the source of all major security dangers. B STRONG is designed particularly to prevent complete occlusion so there is intrinsic safety developed into the product. Check out the comparison video listed below. ENHANCED COMFORT - The narrow width of B STRONG belts assists to minimally cover muscles as they try and expand throughout contraction. The elasticity built into the belts accomodates any growth that is seen to enhance convenience and avoid high pressures that can compress nerves. Oftentimes, clients don't even truly feel the belts themselves on the limb, but you still end up with a massive pump.

CREATED FOR PERFORMANCE - Among pneumatic systems, B STRONG has the least expensive profile system on the marketplace. When you put our belts on you can run, jump, swim, cycle and they don't get in your method. For the consious gym-goer, you can wear under clothing and they are essentially unnoticable. The belts stretch throughout muscle contraction to accomodate dynamic movement where you get a big circumference change in the working muscle to keep you safe and comfy. DURABLE - B STRONG can be utilized in any climate condition. They are created to hold for easily over 5000 cycles (2-3 years in a high use setting) and endure the abuse of getting thrown around in a fitness center setting, on the practice field, or on the battefield.

WHAT ARE CONSUMERS SAYING? "I have actually recently changed to the brand brand-new BFR gadget from B STRONG and have been truly impressed. I certainly suggest B STRONG for everyone. The quality is amazing, a lot much better than others I have actually used, and I truly feel like it's at a great rate point. It really answers all my previous grievances with other devices"-- "I personally have seen more rapid changes in my strength and muscle size in the last month-and-a-half of committed usage of the BStrong equipment and procedure than I saw in the previous 20 years of raising heavy weights! You get the exact same strength and muscle size increases using lightweight that would typically require raising very heavy weights.

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