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Posted by gracedashen on September 9th, 2015

Bioware just introduced some changes on Conquests for the upcoming expansion, including reduces target points and removes repeatable crafting to attract more people to Conquests. However, as far as concerned, Swtor2credits believes that there are more other reasons that keep players away from the contents, meaning that, in fact, Bioware can do more to improve Conquests rather than the simple changes just announced.

Provide interesting objectives and make them like "conquest"

More than one player told they leave Conquest behind due to the lack of interesting objectives and the less sense of being "conquest". You need to craft the same thing 100 times that make one feels thematically wrong about conquering a planet that even needn't to step foot on to conquer. To make it attractive, just fix it to be something like conquest, maybe make it where you had to go to a planet and farm the items, to kill players on the planet, and even to be a real hero to defeat the generals on planet. In general, make it feel real about a planet invasion.

Give more rewards to make them worth of time & credits paying

Massive credit and crafting material sink would be a main reason to quit Conquests. Some players just indicated that they could run some quick dailies and get enough swtor credits to cover whatever the rewards they got from Conquests. These don't deserve to play more if your usual play style doesn't already get you close to the weekly cap, even more so if you aren't in a large guild for the bonus rewards.
Most people probably don't care about getting some tokens for mats, or about unlocking extra rooms on the Guild flagship. Swtor2credits believes making more regular activities worth some points would be better. Completing any quests/dailies/weeklies could be worth points, or make something as simple as gathering from a node worth 1 point. Or maybe have it give out some comms (and not just basic comms) or other currency for desirable gear. It needs to be worth for players to grind those things over and over for the points required.

Provide small guilds a chance to win the top 10

Removing repeatable crafting is a very good idea from a game mechanic viewpoint as Swtor2credits concerned, but it just wasn't implemented amazingly. Guilds need to complete objectives and earn target points to reach a weekly goal for rewards, but small guilds have little chance as they have fewer members to grind. Though the repeatable objective is disabled, large guilds can reach the goal easier with one-time effort and finish in the top 10 to get additional rewards. So what is the point if some people in small guilds have zero chance of getting a conqueror title? 
I do think the conqueror titles should be hard earned, but something should be done to make it obtainable by someone who puts in the effort even if they aren't in a mega guild. Maybe like some secondary cap past the personal goal where that specific person will get the title only. It'd have to be high.

We are less than two months away from the launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire on October 27, what other changes will be shown up? No matter what will be changed, Swtor2credits won't stop the cheap offer of swtor credits. Besides, three times reward points for credits buying will be ongoing every Wednesday and Thursday to grant you more bonuses. What are you waiting for? Just join in Swtor2credits now!

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