Choosing the Right Metal Bed Frame for Your Bedroom

Posted by TheOrganicMattressStore on September 9th, 2015

Metal bed frames are probably the most versatile types of bed frames as they can easily match the decor and interiors of any bedroom. Whether you have a modern, traditional, art deco or Victorian-style bedroom, there is sure to be a right metal frame to secure your bed with. Typical metal beds generally come with a plain frame. However, more elaborate designs do exist if you want to go beyond their functional purposes. These frames are commonly sold separately and come with a headboard, a base board, and some railings. These features and more make them both decorative and functional. Metal bed frames are made out of different types of materials like iron, aluminum, brass, and steel.

Typical furniture shops and bedding supply stores offer a great variety of metal bed frames that you can choose from. When shopping for the appropriate metal frame for your bed, think about the following features to make sure you are making the best decision:

 • Frame size: Measure your bedroom and designate a space where your bed would go. This way, you can have a good estimate of how large a bed you need. Depending on your preferences as well as the space available, you can get a bed that is as large or as small as you want. It is best to buy a frame before you acquire a mattress, but if you already have the latter, make sure that the frame you will buy can take your existing mattress and box spring. A large room with large pieces of furniture and huge free spaces can also hold a large bed frame. This will help you fill the space and keep the theme of the room uniform. Smaller spaces will benefit more from a small-size frame that leaves more floor space to move around.
• Metal variety: the type of metal used in your bed is also an important consideration. There is a good variety of metal combinations you can choose from when shopping for a bed frame. Some are good for aesthetic reasons, while others are better for function and durability. Remember that some metals are more rust prone/resistant, lightweight, and durable than others. Aluminum for instance is lightweight and hallow, making it malleable and more easily shaped into different forms as desired. It is also one of the least expensive metals used for bed framing. If you want an ornately designed bed that is lightweight, go for aluminum. Iron beds, on the other hand, can also be extremely ornate, but are a lot heavier, more prone to rusting, and more expensive than aluminum. Even though metal bed frames are popular, some people don’t like them because of the EMF fields they let off. To err on the side of caution The Organic Mattress Store recommends using a wood bed frame over a metal one if possible.

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