Tips to Help You Choose the Right Wool Mattress Pad for Your Bed

Posted by TheOrganicMattressStore on September 9th, 2015

Mattress pads are more than just additional covering for your bed. While these bed accessories do offer protection and coverage from a mattress' typical wear and tear, the right topper can also keep your bed from dust, dander, dirt, and spills, while others can help keep it at a comfortable sleeping temperature. Some mattress pads can even reduce how much your bed moves when you toss and turn through the night, while others can turn your mattress into a more comfortable surface for rest.

What do you need a mattress pad for?—mattress pads offer protection for your bed and even more benefits, if you buy the right kind. Whether you want to protect a new mattress or your existing one from further wear, there is definitely a mattress pad to fit your need. If for instance, you simply want to protect against daily wear and tear, you can opt for a basic organic cotton mattress pad or an organic wool pad that can add a layer of protection for your bed. A wool water resistant mattress pad will help you shield your bed from liquids and spills, while those with anti-allergen properties, such as organic cotton and wool helps keep you away from common allergens like pet dander, dust, and dust mites.

Mattress protectors are excellent tools for creating a more comfortable bed. Mattress pads also help your bed adjust to your body more effectively, making them feel more custom-fitted to your body shape and your comfort levels. The right mattress pad also gives you more or less firmness as you please to give you a more supported feeling. Besides wool pads, latex mattress pads can provide you with this kind of firmness. Finally, mattress protectors help reduce motion, which can be very beneficial if you have a bed companion who tosses and turns when sleeping. Mattress pads that are made out of latex help reduce the transfer of motion on the surface of your bed, so your side won't move as your spouse's when you sleep. This gives you better quality rest each night.

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