Common Problems In The Food Supply Chain And Possible Fixes

Posted by Wholesale Food Group on May 12th, 2021

As the food supply chain continues to grow, retailers and people in the hospitality business continue to put in more effort to work with the best wholesale food in suppliers Gold Coast. Consumers now expect fresh food on their plates. This has extended the food supply chain geographically, making the supply chain of food longer than ever. Manufacturers, logistics providers, distributors, producers and other parties are also under pressure to get their food products to the market safely, quickly and in the best quality possible. Here are some major challenges and some possible fixes.

Lack of traceability

The ability to track food products through all supply chain stages is what is referred to as traceability. Among a lot of consumers today, traceability is considered a demand rather than a request. A lot of consumers want to know where food products and their ingredients come from. This makes it very important to have good data on your food products. Having and sharing accurate information from every step of the supply chain strengthens the integrity of the brand, enhances food safety and increases the loyalty of customers.

Lack of traceability and transparency, on the other hand, creates blind spots in your food supply chain and this can expose you to unnecessary risks. It can also weaken the trust of your customers in your brand. This can translate into reduced profits. It can even cause legal issues that can vex new product launches. Wholesale food suppliersand manufacturers must ensure they do not use outdated systems to track products.


Blockchain is a technology that is not being used by most businesses in the food industry but it is regarded as a promising technology that enables traceability in the supply chain of food. Blockchain technology is a digital platform shared by users and users can share and store information across a network. The system enables users to track transactions in real-time.

One of the main benefits of blockchain technology is that once data is added to the blockchain, it becomes permanent and is distributed within the network. The data or information cannot be manipulated, hacked, or corrupted in any way. The technology can deliver traceability, transparency, and trust has been a great challenge in the food industry.

With blockchain technology, the system can give suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and consumers access to accurate information regarding the food’s origin and the state of each product.

Inability to maintain the quality and safety of your products

Nowadays, the pressure on producers to distribute safe, high-quality food products is a great challenge. Some of the most common causes that affect the safety and quality of food products include delays in transportation, poor storage, industrial sabotage and inclement weather.


Premium  wholesale food suppliers gold coast should partner with manufacturers who use the best raw materials with the right production methods that adhere to international standards. This includes choosing accredited labs that use current testing and measuring equipment to ensure the production of high-quality food products.

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