10 Quick Tips About Bird Poop Removal

Posted by Synthia on May 12th, 2021

Based on a preferred concept, pigeons don’t poop even though in flight and can be rather selective when it comes to likely quantity 2.

That’s why we see clusters of pigeon poop about the window sills, decks, statues or where ever Individuals fussy very little poopers are hanging out.

Some industry experts feel that pigeons don’t poop although in flight as a result of way they tuck their toes versus their entire body even though flying. The tuck would imply that whenever they did poop when in flight, it will go around their toes, so that they don’t.

In my view, that’s good information! The fewer poop bombs falling from earlier mentioned, the greater! If you’ve at any time been the “Fortunate” target of a fowl poop bomb you know what I mean!

The only downside is, we’re still left to scrub up the mess.

So how can we properly thoroughly clean the pigeon poop?…

The small solution, extremely thoroughly!

Ingested pigeon poop can lead to several health conditions in human beings, such as; Salmonella (bacterial infection), Psittacosis (flu like illness), Diarrhea, Histoplasmosis (respiratory disorder), to call some.

Pigeon poop carries pathogens that are dangerous to human beings when ingested. Touching pigeon poop (when cleaning it or accidentally like on the bench etcetera) and then utilizing your cellphone or scratching your face or rubbing your eye are all straightforward methods to unintentionally ingest. Breathing during the dry poop particles floating in the air is yet another way to ingest.

Donning Personal Protecting Products (PPE) when cleansing up pigeon poop is essential!

PPE- gloves, mask, eye defense.

The three pieces of PPE we recommend for cleaning pigeon poop are gloves, Eyeglasses in addition to a mask. Particularly when you’re getting rid of a sizable amount, and especially Should the poop is dry. It’s quite simple to breathe during the particles and they're poisonous!

As soon as you’ve dawned your PPE, it’s time to begin cleansing!

*helpful reminder – These are generally practical ideas to remove pigeon poop across the home, on window sills, handrails, tables, the deck, and so on. For bigger or intensely soiled spots you may have larger resources like brooms, hoses as well as strain washers. You might even will need additional PPE like a bodysuit and respirator. Be careful and phone an expert cleansing or servicing company if you’re Not sure.


In regards to the answer, select wisely. Your choice for the proper solution really should involve the subsequent considerations:

What floor would be the poop on and what merchandise could injury the floor?

Pigeon poop is very acidic and can bring about damage to most surfaces if still left on extensive more than enough. That becoming mentioned, we don’t wish to result in extra harm to the surface by choosing the Mistaken solution to get rid of the poop with. Even dish soap might be harmful to some surfaces so make sure you read through the Recommendations, request assist and generally take a look at ahead of applying an item, particularly when you’re not accustomed to it.

Is there enough ventilation in the area to implement this Resolution?

Some products like bleach are certainly robust instead of nutritious to breath in massive quantities. Ensure that the area you’re cleansing is thoroughly ventilated before beginning.

Am I using the right PPE for the solution?

Examine the label cautiously! You should definitely’re applying the proper PPE to the Item!

Over the counter Disinfectants and home cleaners is often beneficial. Some are a lot better than Other folks. For those who have one particular you stand powering, by all suggests utilize it. We generally advise screening unfamiliar products just before utilizing them.

three Dwelling Hold Solutions to Clean and Disinfect Pigeon Poop


This is certainly our 1st decision In regards to family disinfectants. It’s the strongest disinfectant With this list, but it may be detrimental to some surfaces. Bleach should normally be diluted with drinking water prior to use. For this purpose we suggest mixing a solution of ½ cup bleach to one gallon of drinking water.

Misting should help settle suspended air-born particlesSoak the realm and let it sit for 15 mins to disinfect and soften the poop (reapply Remedy if it begins to dry in the fifteen mins) , closely soiled parts may need several applications. Wipe or Scrape absent the poop and spot into a doubled plastic bag and seal it. Thoroughly seal and bird droppings removal get rid of the bag making sure it’s from immediate human Get in touch with human

Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent can help disinfect the area and will not be as detrimental to your area or encompassing space as bleach. Some detergents have bleach in them so Make sure you read the label and generally examination a little volume on a little unnoticeable region before starting.

For this function we suggest mixing an answer of about 1 tbsp of laundry detergent with 2 cups of warm h2o. Ensure that every one of the detergent is dissolved from the h2o just before use.

Just like bleach, misting should help settle suspended air-born particles. Soak the region and Permit it sit for 15 mins to disinfect and soften the poop (reapply Alternative if it begins to dry over the 15 mins) Wipe or scrape the poop away, repeat the procedure for greatly soiled parts. Location the poop in a double plastic bag, seal it and safely and securely discard.


Bleach and laundry detergent is often damaging to some surfaces as well as setting. That’s why working with vinegar could be useful, it’s the eco-friendly solution. The vinegar functions as an outstanding disinfect for the world. Similar to bleach, vinegar should really always be diluted. For this purpose we advocate a fifty/50 Answer of vinegar and h2o.

It’s essential to keep in mind that vinegar can even now be detrimental Specifically to wood, if still left on also lengthy. It could possibly soak into wood extremely easily, producing it to stain. Vinegar is utilized to be a stain for wood and the final results can be great, even so if that’s not the intention vinegar stain can be quite harmful.

Apply with a fabric or inside a mist. Wipe or scrape the poop absent, repeat the procedure for closely soiled areas. Put the poop inside of a double plastic bag, seal it and properly discard.

These solutions may not eliminate many of the stains from pigeon poop, however it can help clean and disinfect the region. Pigeon poop might cause permanent harm to surfaces if still left on long more than enough particularly when it’s baked in by the Sunlight. The easiest way to steer clear of damage is to wash it as soon as you detect it.

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