Six Business Travel Trends For 2021 And Beyond

Posted by Sarah Jones on May 12th, 2021

Today, everyone lives in an era where technology and pandemic have taken us to new levels of communication, but business has to move forward as usual. Although video conferencing and Skype are great ways to communicate with remote working, nothing quite beats real-life human engagement when it comes to business. The undeniable role of a top corporate travel agent has gained more importance now.

There are six key things to think about on the importance of business travel. Let's begin with the travel trends ruling in 2021, and expect them to go beyond.

1. Preference for unconventional accommodation

A new 2021 business travel trend is the increasing popularity of unconventional accommodation facilities. Business travelers are now more open to considering staying elsewhere than traditional chain hotels. They are choosing to live in apartments and other accommodations that have a more homely feel.

Today, business travel has gained popularity during business trips due to renting small boutique hotels, vacation rentals, and home-like accommodations. More and more travelers also want to stay away from the crowded city center. They prefer closeness to natural attractions and leisure activities for comfort and privacy.

2. Today, business is mixed with pleasure

One of the current and rising trends is to mix business with pleasure. The rise of business plus leisure travel proves to be one of the most important consequences of the demographic shift in corporate travel. And the trend is expected to continue amid COVID-19 vaccination and go beyond for some time to come.

Today the workforce is younger, and most of the assignments are remote. More and more employees are doing more than work during their trips away from the office. More than half of international business travelers plan to extend business trips to accommodate leisure activities. They also choose their destination with this mindset.

3. Looking for a more sustainable trip

More than half of business travelers believe that there are not enough options for sustainable travel. If one is to study consumers' attitudes deeply, it shows that most travelers see the importance of traveling ethically. Almost half of the travelers believe in buying souvenirs from local merchants. And nearly half of them want to support local businesses at their destination.

Why sustainable trips? Sustainable travel involves reducing the impact on the local cultural environment and incorporating an environmentally friendly approach to the environment. Most business travelers say they are more likely to book accommodation if they are sure the place they prefer is eco-friendly.

4. Emphasis on local destinations

According to some recent studies, local tourism will be more important than ever in 2021. The 2020 figures support this prediction. Last year, due to an increase in epidemic conditions, there were no trips, but there were 'staycations'. It means that nearly half of the surveyed travelers were seeking travels within driving distance of their homes.

According to experts, domestic tourism will pick up in 2021. International travel would be a hassle because of COVID testing and restrictions, but business travel will follow the rules and norms. All one needs is proper guidance provided by a professional and aware corporate travel agency with a wide presence.

5. Adopting Contactless Technology

According to a recent survey conducted, more than four out of five travelers said that technology would boost their confidence to travel over the next 12 months. Most business travelers will prefer Apps that offer up-to-date notifications on contactless payment technology and virtual wallets. These features will also provide border restriction changes and flight changes, and cancellations. Thus, passengers will feel safe during international travel.

Though Contactless payments and virtual wallets gained popularity a few years back, due to covid-19, they have now become essential. Travel managers can also use virtual wallets with fixed budgets so that out-of-the-way expenses are avoided.

6. Imperative need of a Travel Agent

The health crisis served to highlight the important role of travel agents. As a result, travel agents will serve as storehouses of all knowledge in 2021. If you are looking for the best deals, call your trusted agent. If you need an update on the latest health and safety standards or the latest news on health policies worldwide- get in touch. Your agent has arrangements for you in case you need help with rebooking after cancellation.

Hard to change in the trip or manage a travel interruption on your own? You can probably understand why it is helpful to have a travel agent. Most global travelers expect their travel agents to be on hand to solve the problem and work out suggestions.


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