Will the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update expand the map?

Posted by annesmith0117 on May 12th, 2021

Recently, some players found leaked news from Datamine that Animal Crossing: New Horizons may expand the map in future updates. Players who have played the Animal Crossing series for a long time should know that since New Horizons was released on Nintendo Switch for more than a year, it has gained the crazy love of many players and achieved great success. In the past period of time, there have been several content updates and events in the game, such as the recently popular May Day Maze.

However, if the game is to hold renewal activities every year, it is difficult to bring freshness to the players with only small content changes in the game update. Therefore, Animal Crossing: New Horizons may begin to need to release more substantial updates to keep Animal Crossing Items players interested in the game. Whether it's upgrading existing content, brand new events or adding new features, Nintendo needs to find a way to keep the game fresh and exciting for the second year.

Recently, Animal Crossing Mayor Mori explained some leaked information obtained from the 1.10.0 update of the game, including the so-called map extension. According to the data miners can find the game's "mSouthShoreBaseline.f32" parameter increased from 500 to 1000 changes. This parameter is related to the boundary or the parameter that restricts the camera's movement in a specific direction or area. So some people speculate that increasing the value of "mSouthShoreBaseline.f32" means that the camera will be able to move further south than before. This is why there is news that more content may be added to the southern part of the main game island.

However, Mayor Mori explained that the use of the "mSouthShoreBaseline.f32" parameter is not limited to the main island, but can also be used in other areas of the game, such as Mystery Tours. The changes made to the parameters found in Datamine are likely to be used only for testing and not prepared for upcoming content (such as map extensions). In addition, the "mSouthShoreBaseline.f32" parameter of the main island is always set to the higher value mentioned above, which further Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket indicates that the change may have nothing to do with its expansion.

Although Mayor Mori responded to this leak, he did not deny the possibility that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will expand into the islands in the future. In the subsequent updates of the Animal Crossing series of games, Nintendo will definitely continue to plan the update content of the game, and map expansion may also be one of his planned tasks. Players can wait and see, and continue to pay attention to the exciting content updates that the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game will bring.

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