Google: Reputation Management Protects Companies from Online Slander

Posted by headshots on September 10th, 2015

As a business entity, it is argued that the most important asset a company can possess is its reputation. The internet has made it both easy and challenging for a company to build a standing in their community, be it virtual or physical. Once the company has a website, advertising and reviews become the main staples of sustainability and status. Other tools in an arsenal of a company’s ability to maintain it’s hard won status, is the utilization of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). This is the “easy” part, for any business specializing in market place expansion. The challenge ensues when possible slander or just plain bad reviews mars the business’s character unfairly. In this article we are going to take a closer look at how a company builds a great reputation and more importantly how it keeps its clear character during a slanderous scandal.


In this day and age, anyone can go online to any website of their choosing and review a product, service or the company as a whole. The review can be positive feedback and instrumental in boosting the reputation of the organization being appraised. However, it is becoming more and more ubiquitous of competitors or rival companies to slander a rising business in hopes of halting progress of market capture. When a slanderous attempt is made on a rising company there are a few options the company can take advantage of to ensure the slander itself does not tarnish its hard won reputation. One of these options include engaging a company such as to help protect the reputation that is so vital to a company’s success.

Slander itself is a hard enemy to battle. First, one must understand its true nature when it comes to the affects it has on a business or company. Slander is the defamation of character. Meaning a false statement made for the sole purpose of giving a poor opinion of the slandered. Defamation of character is so hard to deal with in the cyber world, because free speech is enjoyed by both sides, under the law. To bring prosecution, one must first prove intent of the slander in direct correlation to the destruction of the reputation and advanced knowledge of the defamation being a false statement. Instead of trying to challenge these slanders on an individual basis it would be a better use of time and money to appoint an Online Reputation Management (ORM) company, such as that has an impeccable place in public regard. specializes in building SEO and SEM for expanding companies. More importantly the tools used in their process far exceeds a small derogatory review or even a barrage of prejudicial remarks made by sub-par sources. implements press releases, as well as other strategically placed blog post, and professionally written articles to counter the false flag attacks from any disruptive individual or competitor personalities looking to smear a good reputation of a company who has spent years and profits to ensure the stability of its precious standing in the marketplace.


The proven 6-stage strategy of has upheld the prized reputations in the market place of its valued clientele. Their precision and expertise are head and shoulders above their competition. When looking to protect an asset as cherished as a company’s reputation, it would be advisable and highly recommended to employ a company with superior standing itself. After all is said and done, if one is looking to become a millionaire it is not advisable to ask the pauper. When a quality reputation is on the line, and under slanderous attack, the wise choice would be to employ a company proven capable of protecting their own precious standing.

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