SWTOR Nightmare EV and KP Removal in KoTFE Ignited Some Controversy

Posted by gracedashen on September 10th, 2015

Swtor players are unavoidable to lose some contents in Kotfe expansion due to the various adjustments.you can buy swtor credits on swtor2credits now . Along with the removal of repeatable crafting in Conquests, Nightmare Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace were confirmed to be removed in new expansion, while the related titles and achievement won't be earned any more. Tweaks seem reasonable, though, removal without replacement of anything ignited controversy and complaints.

NiM EV &KP removed when titles & achievement disabled

Due to the little Mechanic differences between Hard and Nightmare mode EV and KP, Bioware has decided to remove the Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace from Knights of the Fallen Empire. As for the concerned items associated, Bioware also gave a solution: Allow any unique drops from EV and KP Nightmare Modes to drop in Hard Mode, while the timed run titles and any achievements won't be earned any more in new expansion. Fortunately, players can still grind to get these titles and achievements during these final weeks if they value them much. If you are one of them, it would be better to buy cheap swtor credits and maximize your effort in the limited time.

Players expect for new variations instead of removing NiM modes

Lack of new contents is always the main reason why players criticized the new expansion. Now though there are just some tweaks in numbers between HM and NiM in those operations, which maybe only a few players would like to play, a large majority of players feel sad as the MMO has less raid/operation content in a game after an expansion...

Considering the reasoning (too little difference to remain), the removal does make sense, but rather than outright removing the difficulty modes, players are highly anticipated to get new variations that stack up to the current NiM ops that exist. Generally expansions, as players concerned, should expand content, not retract it. It would be much better if Bioware can add more to replace the removal, or keep the NiM EV and KP but have it only reward HM Operation gear or even SM Operation gear + any special NiM aesthetic loot (titles and decorations.). If so, those players who want the special aesthetic loot or want the challenge can still have the chance.

Move all titles and achievements to Hard Modes are more acceptable

If there is no choice but to lose nightmare EV and KP, players hope that at least, Bioware can move all titles and achievements to Hard Modes. If the HM and NiM modes are basically the same due to no mechanic differences, fine to remove them, but why don't attach the title to HM? The removal without replacement of anything, even something as small and vain as a title, during an expansion is unconscionable - voice from players. By contrast, there is another opinion. Some people think players have had almost four years to get these titles, so if one doesn't have them by now then he is never going to get them. Thus there's no issue with Bioware removing titles.

Every change can arouse different voices, and what is your concern? Obviously most of players want more interesting contents, but considering that reform is needed for better development, people can only accept some certain loss. So no matter what, if you still love the game, just keep it and buy cheap credits for swtor with 3x reward points on Swtor2credits for help.

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