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Posted by gracedashen on September 10th, 2015

Recently, do you pay attention to the latest news about rs07? An interesting topic is being heated discussed by players that sailing developer team asks for suggestions about sailing. Players extremely expect sailing with new 2007 rs items and ideas. Various expectations are filled with their mind. What are players' expectations? There are some good suggestions which are supported by most players.You can enjoy 8% off rs gold on rs3gold now .

It will be better to require sailing level.

Some players would rather sailing content not be available to every player. These players regard participators should be required their sailing level even if their sailing level is 1 and their companion has 99 sailing, these who can't meet the required level won't be permitted to sailing. The purpose of Kinds of defeats is to train the skill. In their opinion, if players want access to a specific piece of content, they need strive to reach the required sailing level. Nevertheless, some players are opposed to the idea. They think if sailing requires a certain level, part players' passion can be hit. These players maintain sailing is like the assist system which would boost community's interaction.

A new shipwreck can be added for someone to loot

"Maybe create a new shipwreck for someone to loot?" a player suggests. It is an incredible idea which is supported by many players. These players think it may be challenging. To be honest, sailing itself is an activity with adventure, so if the new shipwreck is added, it will very amazing. Even though it will lead to 07 rs gold sink as some items could be lost at random, but looting other players stuff could be really fun.

A brand-new skill layout could be fixed

Some players feel like some suggestions haven't really fleshed out anything. They have a couple white board ideas that they've thrown around, and they've thrown some hot ticket items in there like Augury and Rigour, Dragon Warhammer, etc. "I'd rather have these things come in through other ways rather than a shoehorn in skill that doesn't fit our current skill layout. This skill is neither produce anything or really use any resources if the best xp is from navigation." a player says. It just feels like Dungeoneering 2.0 mixed with PoP still. The items don't even come from a high-level Sailing since your friend can sail you to the Gemstone Island, instead the items come from Hunter or Combat.

It is obvious that players have kinds of ideas on sailing and these ideas are very amazing. If you have other novel ideas, you can participate in the discussion to share your idea with others. Perhaps, sailing need take some new equipment, which is more interesting and worth of 2007 RS gold paying, rs3gold will offer cheap rs07 goldwith fast delivery for you.

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