6 Quick Tips on Typical Gun Range Etiquette at Oakridge Gun Range Orlando

Posted by Warner on September 10th, 2015

As a specialized facility for shooting practices, a gun range or firing range entails a code of etiquette meant to avert potential accidents and dangerous hazards that may result in loss of life or cause severe injuries. This article discusses these etiquettes that should also get you off the hook for being regarded as a newbie by other patrons.

1. When a Range safety Officer requests you to accomplish a task, obey. One of the most common commands that an RSO would use include "Cease Fire!" When an RSO officer commands you to cease fire, you should instantly quit discharging your firearm.

2. Always mind where you're pointing your firearm's muzzle.

Ensure that your firearm is always pointing on the ground unless you're ready to fire, then you can point at the target shown to you by your RSO.

3. Are you planning to bring more than one gun into the range?

If that is the case, always make sure that you keep cartridges separate in order to reduce hazards of you unknowingly loading one into the wrong firearm. In the event that you have a weapon with rapid fire capabilities, be sure to read and confirm about the range safety rules before discharging your weapon in this way.

If you're uncertain whether or not the tactical gun range Orlando tolerates rapid shooting, it won’t cost you a penny to ask either the RSO or the range manager. If for some circumstances you cannot ask them, take some caution and discharge slowly.

5. Do not bother active shooters in the gun range

Its common curtsey not to bother an active shooter, either by tapping onto their shoulders or attempting to converse with them even if they’re your friends or relatives - unless there’s potential danger such as a gun malfunction with the firearm that you may have detected, then it’s okay to do something fast.

6. Clean up the brass clutter

Once done with your shooting practice, be mindful to clean up the detritus mess in the area, just like an honorable person would do. It’s so annoying to get to the range only to find the floor cluttered with brass mess and looking quite untidy. Finally, pack your firearms nicely into the bag without obstructing other shooters and head to the lobby section.

You must bag your firearm because it’s regarded as unsafe and improper to enter the lobby area with a firearm in your hands. If it’s a small one, put it in a holster, otherwise people in the lobby might start to feel uncomfortable around you.

At Oakridge gun range Orlando, nearly all shooters adhere to these standard rules. Be sure to be one of them and in return, you'll command great respect from other shooters in the range.


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